microm.gif - 22.4 K
Review by Al Giovetti
Price: disk $40, CD ROM $45
Genre: arcade racing game
Release: 11/96
Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: GameTek
Phone: 800-426-3832, 408-983-0350
Website: www.gametek.com
Requirements: 486 SX, 25 MHz, 4 MB RAM, 1X CD ROM drive, 15 MB hard disk space, sound cards, DOS 5.0

History: MicroMachines are little plastic cars, trucks, planes and other vehicles that so many fathers and mothers buy their kids every time they go to the store. I know you can talk fast, but can you drive fast? Well put up or shut up on some of the best courses this side of a toilet.

Game play: The gameplay is very simple and surprisingly very entertaining. The jumps and obstacles abound making the pay interesting. An especially fast lap time will give you an instant win. micro4.gif - 21.7 K

Interface: Top down perspective racing game with the tiny little cards moving over a variety of different backgrounds. You control the up to four cars on the same keyboard or use a Y-adapter to play with two joysticks (really! -Ed.). We did find the lack of a zoom utility a real drawback to the otherwise tons of fun play.

Graphics: The 320x224 (or is it 320x200) pixel resolution graphics with 256 colors scroll smoothly and will only impress you if you have been hibernating in a tree for the last five years.

Animation: Silicon Graphics Full Motion Video Sequences.

You drive, fly and pilot: 17 different turbo-charged air land and sea vehicles, including dune buggies, monster trucks, boats, helicopters

Tracks: Tracks include a treehouse, pinball surfaces, kitchens, gardens, bathrooms, work benches compete on over 100 hazard - packed tracks on the CD version we reviewed (50 in the game and 50 in the track construction kit). The tracks have obstacles, like fruit, spinning drills, billiard balls, moving fruit, toilet bowls

Modes: The nine (9) different play modes include challenge (regular four player race), league, round robin, party play for up to 16 drivers, and time trial (race against the clock alone).

Editor: unique Construction Kit that enables you to shape, create and race in the tracks of your own design. The Construction Kit lets you: Edit your own tracks and layouts, Create new vehicles, Customize vehicles and weather attributes, Save and change tracks via floppy, and Includes 50 extra sample courses.

Voice actors: Witty speech comments and blow by blow commentary.

Music: CD Music is a 100% sampled soundtrack including pumping music that is eminently forgettable. For those so inclined, you may want to turn it off or down.

Sound effects: screaming sound FX micro7.gif - 20.0 K

Compatibility: The game does not work with Windows 95. You need to have your drivers loaded for DOS sound.

Multi-player: Speed onto the multiplayer race circuits in and around the Micro Machines house where up to four players can simultaneously compete on over 50 hazard - packed tracks on one computer. Up to 4 players on 1 PC in any combination using the keyboard and one or two joysticks, making it accessible to a family of four on the same PC. Here is a way to get onto the multi-player bandwagon with the entire family or a few friends without having four computers and a small network at home.

When you get far ahead of your opponents they drop off the screen and do not return until all human opponents drop off. These three cars drop back on the track next to the leader and the process starts over again after the leader is awarded a permanent special point which counts toward winning the game. The network, internet, phone modem, and null modem options are not available in this product.

Hints: Ram your opponents into submission. Get out ahead enough to cost them permanent special points.

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