By Al Giovetti, 04/24/97
Genre:sports simulation
Developer: David Holt
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Microleague Multimedia Incorporated
Phone: 717-872-6567
Website: www.mmi.com

MicroLeague Pro Football 97


MicroSports has been a leader in the area of sports games and with the Sports Illustrated license the name of the game is really Sports Illustrated Presents MicroLeague(R) Pro Football '97 (MLPF). MicroSports was acquired by MicroLeague on October 28, 1996 and they also acquired the Sports Illustrated Presents line of games which includes MLPF and Sports Illustrated Presents MicroLeague(R) College Football '97.

Also acquired is Micro Sports NFL Pro Football and Micro Sports Pro League Baseball which will now be offered by MicroLeague to beefen up their sports computer game offerings. MLPF is a statistic-based, thinking-persons' simulation which requires many hours of thinking rather than knee jerk arcade resonses required in other games.

Company Line

Sports Illustrated Presents MicroLeague Pro Football '97

Used by USA Today to predict the last eight Super Bowl Champions, Sports Illustrated Presents MicroLeague Pro Football '97 offers you real players with real stats for an unmatched simulation. Use existing players representing 5 years of statistics including a complete record of injuries, substitutions and trades. Or create your own roster.

You pick the plays while the commentator calls the game and animated referees follow the play action on every down. Powerful rotoscoped, animated graphics show you all the action in incredible detail and with multiple viewing angles. Digitized sound is used for the play-by-play commentary.

Create dream teams using human or computer draft picks. Then pick the weather for the game. You'll have a huge selection of play options to choose from, or design your own plays if you prefer. The game also offers you complete statistical printout capabilities.

Designed for play against the computer or head-to-head via modem. Licensed by the NFL Players (Players, Inc.).

Game Play

The game is definitely a stragegy game and not an arcade game. The statistical model is the most accurate in the business, which simulates the outcome of games while you observe the players going through the motions. Multiple floating camera views increases situational awareness. Cameras rotate 360 degrees, pan, tilt, and zoom. If you miss a play you can study it on instant replay.

Manager options allow you to restock teams, release players to the free agent pool, and draft from college. You can also trade and waive player acquisitions. Microleague has the players names licensed but not team names or logos. The team names are all fictional almost the real name.


The game is played from the Coaches point of view. You are out to win games, complete plays from an included playbook of offensive and defensive plays. You can not play from the player's point of view or the league commissioner. There is no career mode or player mode.


Player characters have jersey numbers, striping, but lack the team graphics seen in some games. Linemen are bigger than the backs as in real life.


In spite of the rotoscoped, animated graphics, fluid animation is not characteristic of the players in MLPF.

Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


Multi-player Features

MLPF features modem play for two players included and internet play with TCP/IP is a downloadable upgrade from the web site.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough



Dennis McCauley, Computer Gaming World, number 153, April, 1997, pg. 118 - 120, 70%.

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