Mia: The Search for Grandma's Remedy by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
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Mia: The Search for Grandma's Remedy


Company Line

Kutoka Interactive launches its new CD-Rom for children Mia: The Interactive Animated Story that is also a Learning Adventure

(Montreal, February 1998) - Parents searching for a fun, engaging way to enhance their children’s imagination and creativity, will have a new option with the interactive, animated CD-Rom adventure story MIA: THE SEARCH FOR GRANDMA’S REMEDY. Developed by Kutoka Interactive, a Canadian company specialized in the development of exciting CD-ROM titles for children, MIA features an adorable little mouse and is aimed at children 5 and up. This superb 3-D game will fascinate children with its feature-film quality animations, story, quest and fun educational activities.

MIA: THE SEARCH FOR GRANDMA’S REMEDY — named after its central hero, MIA, a clever, lovable mouse with an insatiable zest for adventure — is the first in a series of four interactive edutainment CD-ROMs created for children aged 5 and up. Available in English and French, the MIA series feature a specially adapted, state-of-the-art navigation engine that grants children complete control over the main character, MIA.

Invited by MIA to join her on her quest, the player guides MIA through a beautiful 3D world, solving various challenges as well as practicing literacy skills. This interactive animated story will captivate children from beginning to end.

The story begins when MIA’s grandmother Mimi has suddenly become very sick. Luckily, Mia’s new friend (the player), has come along and can now lead MIA in her adventure to find the ingredients for Grandma’s medicine. But as soon as the quest begins, Romaine Rat robs MIA of her “sparklies” and now our adventurers must also earn the currency needed to buy the ingredients. Many surprises, discoveries and other characters await, as MIA and her friend find their way all through a very special Victorian house.

MIA is already successful internationally with sales exceeding 40 000 copies. Licenses have been awarded in U.K., Germany, Taïwan and China, France, Brazil, Belgium, Switzerland, South Africa and The Netherlands. MIA already received praise from the international press. For example, in England, the Daily Telegraph, PC Guide and CTW have given MIA 5 out of 5 stars for sound, graphics and enjoyment while PC Direct says “The animation is superb, with stunning 3D graphics and high-quality audio clips. The attention to detail and creativity that has been put into these two CD-Roms make it an animated educational story with ‘feature film quality÷’. This is interactive learning at its best.”

“MIA captivates a child’s natural desire to play and turns it into a real learning experience”, says Richard Vincent, President of Kutoka Interactive. “It combines a game, a story and a learning experience all wrapped up in a very interactive package while leaving room for the kids’ wonderful imaginations”.

Kutoka Interactive is a Montreal-based software developer which was founded in 1995. The quality and originality of its titles have allowed Kutoka to compete on the international scene and license several titles worldwide.

MIA: THE SEARCH FOR GRANDMA REMEDY is a two CD-Roms set and is fully adaptable to both Mac and PC platforms. It is available at Business Depot, CD-Rom Dépôt, Camelot and Archambault as well as other locations at a suggested retail price of $ 39.95.

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