By Al Giovetti, 03/16/97
Developer: Cryo Entertainment
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Mindscape
Phone: 800-234-3088
Website: www.mindscape.com
Requirements:DOS, 486 DX2, 66 MHz, 8 MB RAM, 2X CD ROM, sound card

MegaRace 2


Cryo Entertainment's MegaRace has sold so many copies that the sequel was a foregone conclusion.

Company Line

Game Play

The car physics is not accurate, but more like exagerated reality. There are numerous turns so that your car and others are sliding and skidding all over the place. These skids and slides are easy to use to your advantage in the race making the action more exciting. The car handling does not remotely resemble that of a professional racing car simulation like NASCAR Racing 2 or Grand Prix 2. This is a little like Spy Hunter, Auto Duel and Car Wars where you equip your car with armor plating, mine layers, missiles, machine guns, grenade launchers,and oil for oil slicks for a big battle on the roads. Except that the cars in the game never crash and never take damage from weapons hits. If you take enough damage your car merely comes to a stop and casually tells you that you crashed. Was this simply a mistake on the part of the designers who forgot to put in car crashes or is this another game that was rushed out to make the Christmas deadline when it could have been a complete game if someone had waited until it was finished to release it?


In the future, large corporations take over from the bankrupt governments. The large corporations show barbaric game shows on the free public television stations conducted to keep the enslaved masses in line and happy. This reminds everyone of what Rome was like 2000 years ago, so what else is new?

You take the role of our hero, a contestant on the most dangerous and barbaric game show, MegaRace 2, hosted by the ultimate sleaze ball in a neon green jacket, Lance Boyle. Did I tell you Lance was a notoriously bad comedian and no one cares because his show hits the gore rating board at the top? Your motivation involves the carrot and the whip. The carrot is riches. The whip is a free Lobotomy to all contestants who lose.


The track graphics are stunning with textures and lighting effects that are true art. The cars and tracks are ultra realistic.


The full motion video sequences with the sleasy Lance and his Vanna White like sidekick are campy and generally superfluous. It is the animation of the three dimensional cars, tracks, and the area surrounding the tracks that is not only visually stunning but also is smoothly animated. The frame rate is fast and seamless.

Voice Actors

The character who does Lance Boyle is pretty hammy and probably would have been better left out of the game.

Music Score

Sound Effects


Multi-player Features

Ther are regretably no modem play, internet play, network play or two player on the same computer. This is a serious omission for a racing game. In fact, this is a lethally serious omission that may result in the game being unsalable.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough

MegaRace 2 Cheats



Daniel Morris, PC Games, volume 3, number 12, December, 1997, pg. 138, 72%.

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