Medal of Honor by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Platform:PSX Only
Release:November 10, 1999
Lead Artist:
ESRB Rating: Teen
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Medal of Honor


Company Line

Electronic Arts Ships DreamWorks Interactive's Medal of Honor, the First World War II-inspired Game for the PlayStation

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 10, 1999--Electronic Arts (Nasdaq:ERTS), the world's largest interactive entertainment software company, announces the highly anticipated release of Medal of Honor(TM), a WWII-themed action adventure title from DreamWorks Interactive(TM).

Created by DreamWorks SKG co-founder/award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg, Medal of Honor is the first WWII action game developed exclusively for the PlayStation(R) game console system. The game has players take on the role of an agent in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the United States' prestigious wartime spy and covert operations agency to aid the Allied Forces through a variety of challenging missions to thwart the German take over of Europe.

"World War II has served as the setting for so many wonderful books, movies and television shows," says Glenn Entis, head of DreamWorks Interactive, "When Steven returned from filming 'Saving Private Ryan' he realized he wanted to bring the subject to interactive entertainment. But it was important for Steven that we present a realistic and honest depiction of World War II and thus he asked Capt. Dale Dye to consult with us on the game. Capt. Dye had just served in a similar capacity on 'Saving Private Ryan' and Steven wanted him to ensure that all facets of the game, including missions, weapons and enemy movements accurately and respectfully portrayed the reality of World War II."

Medal of Honor begins on June 5, 1944, the night before D-day when the Alliance launched a massive aerial assault behind German lines. Assuming the role of Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson, a young C-47 pilot shot down during the operation, the player is recruited into the OSS and begins a new career as a field agent, participating in various covert operations, search and rescue assignments, and commando raids through seven missions and 24 levels. Each mission is drawn from pivotal historical events that helped shape the Allied crusade in Europe, including stories involving the development, capture, and destruction of secret war-making technologies. Ending several of the levels will be archival black and white WWII footage to help immerse the player in the era. Players can utilize a total of 12 authentic WWII era weapons, including an American Colt 45, American M-1 Garand Rifle and Browning Automatic Rifle.

Ensuring the realism and accuracy of the era, Capt. Dale Dye, USMC (retired), the top military consultant to the entertainment industry was brought on through the course of the development cycle. Renowned for his contribution to films such as "Saving Private Ryan," "Platoon," "Born on the Fourth of July" and "Mission Impossible," Capt. Dye worked closely with the production team. He put the team through a rigorous mini boot camp, similar to the routine Hollywood actors face when Capt. Dye prepares them to play military characters. He wanted the team to understand how a soldier thinks and acts, how he would hold and use his weapons. In addition, Capt. Dye helped define Artificial Intelligence (AI) character movements, which include more than 450 different moves. He wanted to make sure the AI in the game reflected real-life scenarios, such as the possibility of having a grenade you've just thrown picked up and thrown back at you. Capt. Dye also helped develop missions and accurately model 3-D versions of each of the weapons.

Balancing the overall game experience are environmental surroundings depicting the realism of what a WWII soldier may have encountered. Destructible elements help illustrate the ravages of war depicting bullet holes in the wall, as well as glass that shatters and breaks when hit. Distinctive sounds provide the war-like atmosphere including the thunder of artillery in the distance, the whistles of search parties and barking dogs. Additionally, Medal of Honor boasts an original music soundtrack featuring an orchestral score by award-winning Michael Giacchino that helps draw the player into the atmosphere.

Medal of Honor for the PlayStation features a two-player head-to-head mode via a vertical split screen. The game supports Dual Shock(TM) analog controls.

DreamWorks Interactive is a joint venture between Microsoft and DreamWorks SKG formed to create interactive entertainment software that combines great gameplay and technology with rich production values, compelling story-telling involving characters.

Electronic Arts (EA), headquartered in Redwood City, California, is the world's leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, Electronic Arts posted revenues of more than $1.2 billion for fiscal 1999. The company develops, publishes and distributes software worldwide for personal computers and video game systems such as the PlayStation(R) and the Nintendo(R) 64. Electronic Arts markets its products under eight brand names: Electronic Arts(TM), EA SPORTS(TM), Maxis(TM), ORIGIN(TM), Bullfrog(TM) Productions, Westwood Studios(TM), Gonzo Games(TM) and Jane's(R) Combat Simulations.

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