By Al Giovetti, 03/16/97
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Matrox
Phone: 800-844-8312
Website: www.matrox.com

Matrox Mystique 3D graphics acceloration


There are many good three dimensional graphics acceloration cards on the market and even Intel is getting into the act with the MMX Chip.

Company Line

Looking for blazing fast graphics for your PC? Matrox Mystique's plug and play design offers the most complete graphics solution with acceleration for Windows, 3D texture mapped games, video playback, and DOS. Its state-of-the-art technology combines the MGA 64-bit graphics chip technology and powerful SGRAM memory to enhance the performance of your PC. Your 3D texture mapped games and video clips will run at the highest frame rates and resolutions possible. And your general Windows applications will actually keep up with you. What's more, Matrox Mystique can be upgraded with the Matrox Rainbow Runner series of video products for a full range of video enhancements. Features include video and image editing, video conferencing over the Internet, high quality MPEG encoding, displaying PC games and presentations on your TV, grabbing frames from external video sources, and watching TV right on your PC!

State-of-the-Art Technology: Over 20 years of experience in research and development has gone into creating Matrox Mystique and Matrox Rainbow Runner so you can be assured you're getting today's most advanced technology. At the core of Matrox Mystique is the revolutionary MGA-1064SG, 64-bit graphics chip. This fifth generation MGA chip technology integrates acceleration for 3D texture mapping, 2D Windows, video and DOS directly into its hardware design to provide one complete graphics solution. Products based on the MGA 64-bit graphics chip technology have won over 200 international awards of distinction and have been integrated into high performance systems from Compaq, Digital, Gateway 2000, Hewlett Packard, IBM, NEC, and more.


The Powerdesk software adds some pages of options to the display options in Windows 95 control. Upon testing the Matrox does not hold up well when compared to the Rendition. Mystique does an excellent job with pixelation smoothing and gouraud shading, but does not support fogging. The card includes MPEG (one) playback and a television tuner.


64-bit PCI graphics board
Lightning fast Windows, 3D texture mapping, video & DOS
Powerful SGRAM memory
2 or 4 MB of memory
Upgradeable to 4 or 8 MB
Upgradeable with Rainbow Runner
Ships with special versions of MechWarrior 2, Scorched Planet, and a coupon for Destruction Derby 2


Rob does not like the board at all and recomends a Rendition board over the Matrox.


Matrox Mystique Web Site
Rob Smith, PC Games, volume 3, number 12, December, 1996, pg. 207, 72%.

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