Man of War 2 by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
ESRB Rating:
Publisher: Strategy First

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Man of War 2


Strategy Firs of Montreal, Que. launched the first Mano of War on Sept 5, 1997. Set in the age of fighting sail, Man of War recreates the glory of battle on the high seas in a spectacular 3D first person perspective. Taking command as the Admiral, players can walk in the footsteps of history's greatest leaders aboard the deck of a mighty Ship-of-The-Line. Man of War combines stunning graphics with artificial intelligence designed by Simulations Canada, consultants to NATO and the United States navy. During combat players face large scale fleet actions of up to 150 ships in simultaneous battle and an environment of 16 different weather conditions. To add to the experience, Man of War comes with the bonus DK Multimedia CD "Stowaway". Players can interactively explore life aboard a "Man of War" through beautiful illustrations, animations and sound.

Strategy First, based in Montreal, Quebec, is a developer and publisher of entertainment software for personal computers. Established in 1991, SFI has earned a reputation within the software industry as a producer of world class art and animation. The company has worked with some of the leaders in the software and entertainment industry: Cinar Films, Sir Tech, Strategic Simulations Inc., empire Interactive, and ABC Sports Interactive, to name a few. Man of War is being distributed by Virgin Interactive, a world-wide entertainment company.

The first man of war supported a two phased game with real time viewing.

Company Line

Game Play

New for this game is real time game controls and first person display viewing replacing the old cumbersome system.

As you move up through the ranks you can control one ship as a captain in first person view, and later at division or Admiral level you will control fleets of ships in a two dimensional top down view of the battle field. Captain level commands involve setting a heading, loading guns with different types of ammunition and firing at the ships nearest you. Division and Admiral (fleet) level commands can involve engaging a single ship or to engage from afar or a variety of other commands. Admirals can fly up to a maximum of twelve signal flags on their ship to control the movemnt of other ships.

Role playing allows you to advance through the ranks through either one British or one American scenerio for a total of 30 different missions set in the Revolutionary War. The statistics of the character improve with time in this scenerio mode of play.

Sadly there is no land seen anywhere in the game. Land which often plays a unique part with shoals and other artifacts including land batteries, is not used in the game at all.

Game play is controlled through a dashboard which shows the action and the contol of the guns and helm on one convenient display.

One bug is that when grappling the enemy or grappled by the enemy for close quarter fighting, you do not have any means of cutting the lines and rejoining the action.


Set in the age of sail that encompasses the battles of the Napoleonic Wars, England's war with Spain, and the Revolutionary War, the Age of Sail 2 fills an area of gaming which has been virtually untouched in many years.



Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


Multi-player Features

Two to 32 players supported on internet, LAN, phone modem, and null modem.

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