Lords of Magic Special Edition by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Lead Designer: Gregor Koomey
Artists: Adam Carriuolo (character animation, portraits and interface graphics), Bob Curtis, Scott Forbes and Heidi Mann (buildings)
Lead Artist: ?
Lead Programmer: Mike Gingerich
Programmer:Chris Gurski
Designers: Steve Serafino and Jeff Fiske
Engineer:Thanh Pham
Sprite Design (2D art):Mike Malone
Computer Musician (music score): Keith Zizza
Sound Designer (sound effects): Edward Saltzman
Producer:Chris Beatrice
Publisher: Sierra-Online (Havas)
Website: www.sierra.com
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Lords of Magic Special Edition


Lords of Magic was released with a lot of bugs. Sierra took the time to iron out the wrinkles in the project and fry the bugs on the ironing board with a massive patch. The special edition not only gives you the bug free version of the game, but also adds to the game a new scenerio that takes you through a campaign from the epic history preceeding the Lords of Magic game.

Company Line

The company that brought you LORDS OF THE REALM II, has created the ultimate combination of strategy, fantasy role-playing, and combat. Building on the dramatic features that made the award winning Lords series a breakthrough in strategy gaming, Lords of Magic integrates turn-based exploration and resource management with real-time, tactical combat. Become immersed in a rich fantasy world as you command a teeming conglomeration of elves, vampires, skeletons, fire-breathing dragons, and other fantastical creatures. These mystical races are ready to help you fight the ultimate battle against the evil lord Balkoth.

In addition to the enhanced version of Lords of Magic, this special edition also includes the new Legends of Urak Quest Pack.

Together the game and all the enhancements provide the rich and diverse elements expected in classic high fantasy and result in a wonderful and different story every time you play.

Game Play

Additional enhancements include:

  • a new map editor which allows users to place and define caves and dungeons. The map editor is enhanced to allow users to create world maps with varying numbers of players; and to place encounter sprites for which they can set the type of monster army inside, and the difficulty level of the encounter.
  • new legendary magical creatures (one per faith): Life - Phoenix, Chaos - Hydra, Order - Sir Lancelot, Death - Lich, Water - Great Arachnid, Fire - Fafnir, Earth - Great Worm, and Air - Ice Dragon.
  • improved artificial intelligence
  • the introduction of 16 new wandering creatures: Centaur Bowmen, Centaur Swordsmen, Orc Warriors mounted on a giant wolf, Giant Wolves, Orc Infantry, Orc Cavalry mounted on wolves, Trolls, Rock Trolls, Sprites, Grendel, Zombies, Goblin Crossbowmen, Tigers, Panthers, Bears, Wolves, Lions.
  • many new artifacts and spells
  • new unique buildings for each of the eight faiths: Shrine of Vitality: Constructing this sacred shelter underneath the watchful branches of Great Temple creates a holy environment for the life worshipping elves. From here, the Elves can summon the sacred Phoenix. Resting here for one full turn bestows elves with additional restorative powers. The knowledge to construct this is only learned once the Mage Tower at the capital reaches second level. All Life Faith units will restore / recover all lost hit points immediately as well as after their next three combats. After that, there is no effect. Units may visit this whenever they wish, but the maximum effect lasts only for three combats. This structure has no effect on the Pegasus. Altar of Sacrifice:: This dark onyx slab of evil serves those who worship Death. It is constructed at the Great Temple once the MAGE tower reaches second Level, and can be used to call forth a powerful Lich. Whenever a DEATH Mage executes a prisoner of war at this site, that mage is cured of all damage, and receives 1000 experience points. In addition to this boost, for every level of the Champion sacrificed, that mage receives +1 Mana. Every 7th day, the mage loses two mana, until the mage is returned to normal. An individual Death Mage can sacrifice as many victims as he wishes during a game. Every time one is sacrificed, that mage will gain +1000 xp's BUT the mana growth is NOT cumulative- and the higher value should be retained. This Action takes a full turn. Cathedral of Knighthood/Hall of the Round Table: This structure is a monument to what discipline and Order in society can bring to the everyday man. It focuses the energy of those who come to worship and bestows hope and inspiration on warriors anointed within, and can also be used to attract the legendary warrior Sir Lancelot. This structure is built from the Great Temple and requires that the Barracks be at least Level Two. When an Order Warrior uses this building, it has the power to bring that Party member to the next level of experience (once per unit per game). Party member cannot exceed 10th level for Champions and 12th Level for Lords. Mercenaries cannot be knighted. Additionally, once any Order cavalry reaches fifth level they can be brought here and turned into sixth level military units. Barbarian Arena: This crude wooden arena has a dirt floor (for easy cleanup) with raised bleacher seating for all betters, owners and just spectators to glean a clear view of the bloodshed. Attached to the Arena are the slave barracks to store future combatants. From here the Chaos Lord can also bring forth the Hydra. This is a fairly expensive structure to build off of the Great Temple but it requires only a level one stronghold and Great Temple to build. It adds 400 experience points, and does 20 hit points damage to the unit. Each unit can only do it once per game. If the unit does not have 21 hit points or more, they cannot use this painful training method. All Chaos military units and Champions get +1 defense (once per game) and enhanced healing. Holy Gateway: This rune covered stone slab actually is a Gateway to the center of the Earth. It can be constructed from the Great Temple if the stronghold is level one. This allows the controlling player to move any of his units from the Gateway to ANY OTHER Great Temple they control, using all of the unit's movement in the process. This structure also serves as a means of attracting the Great Worm. Shrine of Teleportation: This wind swept platform is serves as a leaping point into the ethereal plane. Units of the Air faith can go into a stasis and be drawn forth by a mage of sufficient power. Otherwise, parties must quickly exit the ethereal darkness or be lost forever. Any faiths can Teleport 10 tiles away from this location costing only four movement points. Air also learns a new spell - Army re-location; and can summon the Ice Drake from this structure. Army re-location brings all AIR NON-mercenary units from the Great Temple to the casters location (or adjacent). Spell costs 12 mana and ALL Mages movement, as well as the army that was relocated, allows any Air unit to teleport up to XX tiles away The Great Forge of Eternal Flame: This forge is stoked with fire from the Eternal flame within the Great Temple. Mages can imbed their staves with lava from this forge giving them additional mana, and they can also summon the great Red Dragon, arch enemy of the Air faith's Ice Drake. This forge requires only a stronghold and Great Temple to construct and is constructed onto the Great Temple. This adds +2 to hit points recovery while resting overland, +1 additional for resting in buildings. For Mages this adds +2 Mana and +15% resistance to magic. Holy Spring: This holy spring adjacent to the Great Temple has fantastic restorative powers for water parties that enter. This spring restores all hit points, movement, and mana for Water Units only. This feature can only be used ONCE per turn. The holy spring is also a breeding ground for Giant Arachnids.
  • multi-level caves and dungeons
  • guard towers that reveal large areas of the overland map


For all players, the new Legends of Urak Quest Pack offers amazing epic quests that recreate the following stories from Urak's legendary past:

  • The Quest for the Sceptre of the Lich - where the player must find the Scepter of the Lich and deliver it to the King of Darkness
  • The Quest for the Holy Grail - closely based on the Arthurian legends
  • The Dragon's Hoard - which transports players to a world of Beowolf where they must slay a mighty dragon and defend their homeland against invading Orcs
  • The Quest for the Eternal Flame - where the player must solve the mystery of the extinguished Eternal Flame.

Quest for the Sceptre of the Lich: You begin this quest as a Necromancer seeking the glory of absolute power, by embracing the magic of the underworld. As the story begins, you are contacted in your sleep by Golgoth, the terrible god of death, and given this quest to complete. You must find the Scepter of the Lich and bring it to the King of Darkness at the Death Capital. The King of Darkness is aware of your efforts and expects quick results. To aid you in your task, Golgoth bestows upon you the knowledge of raising skeletons from the dead, which allows you to build a ghastly army of undead followers. If played right, this quest ends with a surprising twist...



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