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There can be little doubt, even among the skeptics, that ancient
gods once visited our earthly plane. Records are rare or
non-existent (after all this was a very long time ago), but the
persistence and urgency of the various legends keeps the memories
alive. The creation mythos of virtually every known civilization credits
immortal beings in some form for laying the foundations upon which
our mortal existence is based.

So, we can be fairly certain that something special did happen, but just
who were these Gods, and why are they no longer here? The answers
are to be found in the story of the Guardians of Destiny.

Most theologians propose that the great immortals either came to
or fabricated our world as a means for them to create the one
experience unavailable to omnipotent beings: Not being In Charge.

The life of an Ancient God is, unfortunately, horribly boring. There are
no surprises for an Ancient God, no mysteries...

Our mortal world is then perhaps like a vacation spa for the gods,
created in order that these all-powerful creatures could find a seam
that allowed them to leave their powers behind and experience the
feeling of Not Being IN Charge. (This phenomena is also known as
being At Effect, in counterpoint to being At Cause).

Being At Effect is certainly a delirious good time to an individual who
has had to slog through the monotony of endless eons of being At
Cause. Pleasure itself is, as an emotion, impossible for an all powerful
being to experience. And therefore, our world, a dude ranch for the
Ancients, was created.

Although divine intention was required for the creation of our
universe, at some point in time it became common knowledge
that Such an arrangement, such a mixing of mortal and immortal, could
only function if left alone by the immortals. Effect cannot work if
constantly interrupted by Cause.

And so, by agreement among the Immortals our world, the world of
Effect, was not to be interfered with by the all powerful Gods. Effect
could be watched as it slithered over the surface of our new planet.
Effect could even be experienced by those individuals who chose to
leave their immortality behind and join with the mortals, but no God
was allowed to reach into the fishbowl

After additional untold eons, the novelty began to wear thin, and
certain individuals, indifferent to the delicate balance between mortal
and immortal life, began to think of making the toy even more exciting.

Proscriptions, prohibitions, and the heavy weight of moral concern
notwithstanding, the unthinkable did occur: One particularly Evil
Ancient God was the first to break the sacred rule of non-interference.

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