Knights and Merchants by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Knights and Merchants


Company Line

The Scenario:

Knights and Merchants elegantly recreates the arcane Middle Ages. Based entirely in the medieval period, all the elements in KaM are highly detailed and visually accurate for the period. Players assume the role of an ordinary captain in the Palace Guard. Thrust suddenly into a unique position of power, the captain finds himself responsible for the defense of the last royal province – all that remains of "the shattered kingdom."

The Game:

Knights and Merchants is a real-time strategy empire building game. In addition to the battle sequences, the economics play a major role as well. For instance, players can manufacture several different products, such as meat, wine and iron. Ideally making the best use of the resources available in the Middle Ages. One result of your labors is the manufacture of weapons and armor. Serfs transport these and other wares between buildings, so town planning plays a major role in production. Transported goods are displayed graphically, while each character has his/her own mission and carries out their individual tasks independently of your control. Like most real time strategy games, you, the player, only give indirect commands for the construction of buildings, streets, corn fields, etc… You do however have complete control over the military units.

Game Summary: Publisher: Interactive Magic
Developer: Joymania
Format: Win 95

Product Description:

Knights and Merchants is a real-time strategy/empire building action game that takes place during medieval times. Players build, manage and wage war within a medieval environment. The game could probably be best described as a strategic economy simulation, with elements of war. The economics however, play a major role. Player’s manufacture a variety of different products, produce numerous buildings and make related goods – all from the Middle Ages. Among the many characters players control indirectly, serfs are used to construct and maintain buildings and roads. Players have total control over military units.

Players assume the role of an ordinary captain in the Palace Guard. A conspiracy against the king catapults the captain into a situation where he finds himself responsible for the defense of the last royal province. This is all that remains of the shattered kingdom, which has been split into numerous small principalities and earldoms. And now even the king himself, ensconced in his capital, is threatened by enemy armies. This is the starting point of your Middle Ages adventure, as you, the player, must win back all those provinces which once belonged to your king.

Key Product Features:

  • Highly detailed character graphics and lifelike sounds immerse players in a medieval world.
  • Incredibly realistic landscape, with true-to-nature hills, valleys and plains. A natural life-like world, which features a variety of terrain sets and weather conditions.
  • 20 single player missions
  • 10 Multiplayer maps (choose from a skirmish or village building scenario).
  • 25 different types of buildings and more than 9 different types of characters.
  • 10 troop types, including, but not limited to, Archers, Scouts, Knights, Bowman, and Barbarians.
  • On screen hints and tutorials.

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  1. From: Torger Åsen if you have Knights and merchants . culd you giv me det seav to level 7 becas I do not make to kom tru level 6

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