komlogo.gif - 10.5 K
Review By Al Giovetti
Price: would you believe $50
Genre: comedy fantasy role playing game (CFRPG?)
Release: August 96
Developer: Foresight New Media
Producer: John Sessions
Writer: Alan Silberberg
Publisher: SCI (Sales Curve International)
Phone: 310-577-1518
Website: www.sci.co.uk/kom/kommenu.html

Plot: "The Kingdom O' Magic (KOM) is an ancient place, steeped in history and marinated in tradition. Long may you wander its winding woodland ways, its city streets and its mountain passes. Yet, have a care! For this is indeed a surreal and bizarre land, where comedy moments are commonplace and weirdness is compulsory by law! Remember also, that this is a game about people (and dragons and orcs and trolls and Ringwraiths, etc, etc.) so it is very important to talk with the characters you meet. " shah-ron.jpg - 9.8 K

The game can be played in four different ways or quests: the Traditional Quest (defined below), the Bizarre and Slightly Twisted Quest, and the 7-11 Quest. Each quest is somewhat different and when combined with the choice between the two main characters gives the game replay value.

You get to play either Thidney of Shah-Ron: Thidney - Thnake, er, Snakeman. A seven-foot tall bright green lizard, with a cheery disposition and a super tail! Thidney enjoys action movies, sports and drinking massive quantities of ale. He isn't brilliant at casting but, in his favor, he can sustain a lot of blows to the head with virtually no noticeable change to his mental ability. Shah-Ron does not want to have trouble she is very independent and liable to say, "Don't Call Me Honey". 5"9', very intelligent, and built like a babe from Planet Comely, she's a go-getting girl who has no desire to work with children or old people, and who hates all animals, especially the cute furry ones. Highly skilled at magic, she has little interest in the more physical aspects of combat.

Characters: "A warped array of mutants, trolls, and humans," who are based upon real life characters. Half the fun is picking them out. See if you can guess who is Ronald Regan and Robert DeNiro.

Graphics: Ultra realistic three dimensional Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI) rendered graphics (similar to 3D studio, but much more highly detailed. - Ed.) with some very comical characters from the buxom Shah-Ron to the elegant snake man. Check out Don Elrondo’s Elfish mafia. There are only 11 hoods but can they fight. There are 105 locations to explore.

Combat: Spells include the Spell O’ Airstrike, Spell O’ Floater, Spell O’ Left the Gas On and the Comedy Mallet are thrown with the wand in hand icon. You can also exercise your pugilistic skill by clicking on the boxing glove.

Interface: A six button command wheel allows you to pick up, fight, talk, examine, manipulate, or cast spells. The top of the screen is a view into the 3D world, while the bottom panel done in grey rock motif tells you location and chronicles essential items and conversations. (How do they chisel that rock? - Ed.) conrad.jpg - 9.3 K

"Every fantasy adventure needs a good old fashioned traditional quest and, as luck would have it, we've included one in this fine product. You, and you alone, must travel the length and girth of the Kingdom, battling monsters, righting wrongs and lowering property values wherever you go, until you can finally rescue the dragon, steal the princess , and kill the treasure! This is the easiest of the three quests and completing it, while strangely satisfying, doesn't make you big and doesn't make you clever."

Get stuff from everyone by combat, conversation or trade.

Conclusion: The game is fun in spite of the repetition of conversations and jokes by repeated encounters with the inhabitants of the land. The kingdom should send these guys out for some new material. Very good game worthy of your time.

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