Huygen'e Disclosure review by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti, 05/11/97
Genre:graphic animated adventure
Developer: Microforum
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Microforum
Phone: 800-465-2323
Requirements:Pentium 75 computer, 16 MB RAM, 120 MB free hard disk space, Windows 95, Sound Blaster or compatible sound card, 1 MB SVGA video card, Windows compatible mouse

Huygen'e Disclosure


Microforum has been searching for a hit with their many games. Over the years Microforum has done solid work.

Company Line

The year is 2020 and the Earth's ozone layer is crumbling. Mankind hangs on the brink of extinction - but there is one last glimmer of hope. A tiny sub space probe named Huygen has discovered traces of a unique particle strand on a distant moon, more than a million miles from Earth. But be warned, all is not what it seems. Beneath the moon's warm green glow lay deadly secrets - secrets better left undisturbedů

Get set for a voyage into the uncharted regions of the gameplaying universe with Huygen's Disclosure, a completely new breed of action-adventure game. Using innovative technologies developed exclusively by Microforum, Huygen's Disclosure takes you on a journey to discover an alien world of mystery and hidden dangers. With incredible 3D graphics, a cast of amazing characters and a host of ground-breaking technological advances, Huygen's Disclosure delivers an enthralling gameplaying experience.

Game Play

Artificial intelligence is controlled by Group Activated Intelligence Mode (G.A.I.M.), an exciting innovation that offers players the challenge of a group environment, even when playing alone. Fight alongside intelligent, computer-controlled teammates who react independently to danger, based on the situation and the surrounding environment.

Perspective is enhances by Dimension Technology, a revolutionary new technology which allows realistic, 3D characters to reflect actual perspective when moving between foreground and background.

The game controls are difficult to use and at best have a steep learning curve. The commmnads for talking, think, look, and inventory are hot key activated, like the keys in early role playing games.

You need to aim at the aliens to blow them away in the obligatory arcade sequences. Like most graphic animated adventure game sequences the controls are awkward and aiming at the aliens is almost impossible.

Puzzles also play a role in the game as do conversations with the aliens


As a space jockey, you take on the salvation of the earth by finding a gas called Rachellium, hidden deep beneath the earth's surface. There are two alien cities down below the surface of the moon that are engaged in a war. You must play diplomat with these two cities while still keeping your eye on the gas, which continues to elude your grasp.


The graphics are acceptable hand rendered two dimensional objects and characters plastered on three dimensional, 3D studio-like backgrounds which are unremarkable in detail and use of color.


The animated sequences were completed with the Life Transfer Process, an innovative new process that converts actual human movement into smooth, realistic character animation.

Voice Actors

The voice acting is marginal, almost amateurish.

Music Score

Sound Effects


Multi-player Features

There are no multi-player features.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough


Christine was so disgusted that the game, it is apparent that she did not give it much of a chance. Brett felt the game had obscure and bad puzzles, voice acting, graphics, and dialogue. Brett and Christine have scores so close it makes me think they talked this game over before writing the reviews.


Microforum Huygen'e Disclosure Web Site
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Home PC, April, 1997, 100%.
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Stephen Vasey, Game Depot, 75%.

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