By Al Giovetti, 03/14/97
Developer: Alliance Software
Lead Artist:
Producer:L:arry Bond
Publisher: Interactive Magic
Phone: 919-461-0722
Website: www.imagicgames.com
Requirements:Windows 95: 486DX/50 MHz processor or faster, 8 Mb RAM (16 Mb recommended), SVGA video card, 2X or faster CD-ROM drive, 12 Mb disk space, Supports most popular sound cards, Windows 3.1: 386/33 MHz processor or faster (486 recommended), 4 Mb RAM, SVGA video card, 2X or faster CD-ROM drive, 2.5 Mb disk space.

Harpoon Classic 97


In 1989 Harpoon was released to a cult following that is still enthusiastically playing the game today. Harpoon became an instant cult classic amoung those who disdain graphics and love accuracy of battle modeling algorythms, the accurate movement of men, supplies and ships, battle statistics, and ship designs.

Harpoon has won some of the most coveted game awards of all time since its introduction in 1989, including Computer Gaming World's War Game of the Year, Game Players Hall of Fame and Best PC Wargame, and PC Gamers top 40 best games of all time. You cannot go wrong with this game unless you do not like wargames.

One of the problems besetting Harpoon fanatics is the lack of a Windows 95 compatible game that will allow one to play their old game in a true multi-threading environment of Windows 95, and take advantage of some of the other new advantages of the operating system, rather than running the game in a DOS window. This program version release deals with these problems.

Company Line

You're sitting in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic, strategically guarding the coast and planning your next attack. You check your vast array of sensors and discover you've stumbled upon a submarine hidden in its Bastion. To your left, a fleet of enemy ships is heading in your direction. With an arsenal of more than 100 of the most lethal weapons at your disposal, you're ready to attack. Your goal: to destroy everything that prevents you from gaining control of the sea.

Based on the original Harpoon, one of the most sophisticated and realistic contemporary wargames ever developed, Harpoon Classic 97 offers 2 games in 1 ... strategic modern surface warfare with 50 new missions and the gateway to Harpoon Online with free Internet play included! With new displays, updated and additional scenarios, and a more intuitve interface, Harpoon Classic 97 will continue to test your growing expertise!

Game Play

There are 50 new missions making the total over 250 official mission scenarios to keep those guys fighting for a long time. Also the new version increases the numbers of ships, airplanes, and submarines, now there are over 500. The new missions are in four theatres of war, including Greenland & Iceland, The North Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, and the Persian Gulf & Mediterranean Sea The game has a thick manual and an equally long learning curve, but those who love the game assure us that it is worth it. Harpoon is not for everyone but it is an interesting exercize in tactics rivalling the game of chess for interest and game play. Many may find the game too cerebral. A new Introductory Quick-Start and a redesigned control interface makes Harpoon Classic 97 easier for even novices to start the game, but when a game is this complex it will require some time no matter what the company does. Harpoon has a lot of interesting choices.


Naval warfare resulting from escalations of minor conflicts from the cold war to times in the near future could easily lead into all out naval warfare. You get to take sides in these conflagrations and direct naval operations. Hopefully you win the war for our side.


The terrain has been updated with realistic content from world maps and relief maps to include texture maps.


The full motion video of Harpoon II has been elimintated in this version of Harpoon Classic. Movement on maps is achieved by moving small game icons around on the map in top down view. Combat is illustrated by animation and not by video. The combat shows relative positions and weapons ranges while waiting for the weapons to strike their targets.

Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


Multi-player Features

Interactive Magic gives Harpoon Classic 97 buyers access to 15 hours on the Harpoon Online interactive network on Compuserve or America Online where they can play Harpoon over the internet with other registered owners throughout the world. Also at the Interactive Magic Web Site is Harpoon Academy, an FAQ set up to help begnners and experienced players exchange information on how to play the game better.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough



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