Gabriel Knight 3 by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Genre:Animated 3D Graphic Adventure
Release:November 18, 1999
Content Development Lead: Jessica Tams
Lead 3D Environment Artist: Aubrey Pullman
Designer and Writer:Jane Jensen
Lead Programmer:Scott Honn
Public Relations:Hillary Crowley
ESRB Rating: Mature (17+) Animated Blood and Gore, Mature Sexual Themes, Strong Language
Producer and Product Manager:Steven Hill
Publisher: Sierra
Phone: 649-9800

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Gabriel Knight 3


Jane Jensen is the ultimate story-teller. She breathes life into her newborn plot; invents her characters' ideas and thoughts, creates the time and the place for the adventure, and decides the destiny of her characters. Jensen revels in creating her story, and in watching it come to life.

She considers herself, at heart, a writer -- a novelist. Her main literary influences are Stephen King and Anne Rice. She is also a researcher, putting hundreds of hours into the depth of her stories. For The Beast Within, the second Gabriel Knight mystery, Jensen traveled to Germany, the site of the story, to conduct historical research. She believes this research truly creates the feel for the story, and gives depth to its realism.

Jensen's technical background began with a degree in Computer Science from Anderson University in Indiana. Later, she became an engineer for Hewlett-Packard, and was employed there for six years. Her career in interactive entertainment began at Sierra On-Line in 1991. Since then, she has had the opportunity to work on such hit titles as Police Quest 3; Gabriel Knight- Sins of the Fathers; Ecoquest; King's Quest VI and Pepper's Adventures In Time. As designer of Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers, Jensen was honored when the game won Computer Gaming World's Adventure Game of the Year and also Best of Show at CES. This accolade was actually surpassed with her next Gabriel Knight adventure, The Beast Within, which netted Jane the top honor that Computer Gaming World can bestow: overall Game of the Year!

Company Line

The first demand for a Gabriel Knight 3 arrived by e-mail exactly four days after the release of Gabriel Knight 2. It was soon followed by hundreds more, from fans and game reviewers around the world. When The Beast Within won the lion's share of 1996 game awards, the future of the series was assured. Now, finally, designer Jane Jensen has unveiled the latest mystery to puzzle her intrepid shadow hunter...

I do hope you're not afraid of a little intrigue?

Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned is set in a small village and valley in rural Europe. The village, Rennes-le-Chateau, is a real village and is the location of a Great Enigma -- either that or a Great Scam, depending on your level of belief.

The case begins when Gabriel is invited for a weekend at the home of a currently dethroned royal scion. Grace is delighted, assuming that at last they're moving into the kinds of circles a family like the Ritters ought to hobnob with. But it turns out that the 'Prince's' motivation for inviting Gabriel was not a social one. He has a new infant son and is concerned for his safety because the Prince's family has been plagued for generations by what seem to be a secretive sect of vampires.

It turns out the Prince was right to be afraid. The very first night Gabriel watches guard over his infant son the boy is kidnapped. Gabriel gives chase and winds up at the train station. He follows the kidnappers to Rennes-le-Chateau but quickly loses their trail.

Gabriel will come to realize that the mystery that surrounds the Prince's family and the mystery of this ancient little town are not only connected, but will involve both very real current political agendas and ancient secrets. Once at the town, Gabriel discovers that a tour group arrived about the same time he did. He considers all of the members of the tour suspects even, perhaps, his old friend Mosely, who just happens to be 'on vacation' with the tour. Grace soon joins him and while Gabriel investigates the suspects and his leads on the kidnapping, Grace is convinced that the mystery is tied to the Rennes-le-Chateau's enigma and she sets out to solve it.

Game Play




Voice Actors

Back as the lead voice of Gabriel is Tim Currey of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame. Tim was Gabriel Knight's voice in the original game released in 1995. Gabriel Knight 2 had Mark Hammel as the voice of Gabriel Knight. And while I enjoy the work of both of these fine actors, Tim Currey embodies the true spririt of Gabriel Knight. Tim has just the right level of being the kind of person that a woman in her right mind would not want anything to do with, but with strong undertones of raw sexual attraction to tempt one to do the unthinkable. Tim also has that rough exterior that we all love to hate in our gothic horror detective heros. The two Gabiel Knight and Tim Curry are a match made in hell. Welcome back Tim. Our interview with Jane Jensen found Jane with similar views. Catch the video of the interview for more information on the subject from Jane Jensen herself.

Music Score

Sound Effects


The game comes on three disks which made me wish that I had a DVD version for the disk swaps.

Multi-player Features

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