By Al Giovetti, 03/14/97
Price:$30 - $40
Lead Artist:
Publisher: GTE Interactive
Phone: 800-483-8632
Website: www.im.gte.com
Requirements:Windows 95, 2X CD ROM, Pentium 60, 8MB RAM, 10MB free hard drive space, Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card, Local Bus VESA compliant SVGA (256 colors)

FX Fighter Turbo


FX Fighter was released and succeeded as a console game, then it was converted to the PC and had moderately good sales numbers. Now the sequel to FX Fighter, FX Fighter Turbo is being converted. And not all conversions live up to the original game.

Company Line

Get ready as Rygil returns for more action in the new and enhanced FX Fighter Turbo! If you thought you were the best fighter in the universe . . . think again. Things just got tougher! With modem-to-modem and network play modes, players are coming from all over the universe to compete for the championship title.

The competition gets heated as two new alien fighters, Kwondo and Linna, enter the battle arena. Meanwhile, the alien fighters must perfect their new combo fighting moves and are anxious to try them out on you! Prepare to fight for survival as you go up against these new elements in FX Fighter Turbo.

Game Play

The game does not have compatibility with the Gravis GrIP or the Microprose Sidewinder gamepad game controllers.



The graphics in the game are beautiful but they slow down the game play and this is lethal in a fighting game. Featuring gaurad shading and texture mapping the characters are wonderfully rendered.

A comic book artist named Tommy Yune helped design the characters. Credited with the creation of the cult comic 'Buster the Amazing Bear', Tommy Yune helped give each character their own unique look and added depth to each character. For each character he credted a comic style drawing, in color, along with side and back views. These drawing were then sent to Viewpoint Datalabs and converted into SGI models. These models are used in the game for segue animations and intro sequences.


Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


Multi-player Features

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough



GTE Interactive FX Fighter Turbo Web Site
Christopher Tou, PC Games, volume 4, number 3, March, 1997, pg. 64, 72%.

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