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Genre: Flight Simulator and Graphic Animated Adventure
Release: 10/04/96
Animation: WildBrain (Aeon Flus)
Special effects: Tippet Studio (Jurassic Park and Robo Cop)
Real-time 3D engine: ThinkFish Productions
Consultant: Glenn Campbell, head of Area 51 Research Center
Special Consultant: A real live alien named QuinQuo SnookerBat.
Publisher: Any River Entertainment
Phone: 415-372-3550
Website: www.anyriver.com

History: Independence Day (ID4), the Pandora Directive, and X-Files all seem to have aliens on their mind this year. Unidentified Flying Objects demand a cult following and loyalty on the verge of a religious belief. Alien abductions are one of the most popular excuses to tell hubby these days. So why would AnyRiver Entertainment want to do a game about area 51, the military’s top secret, alien spaceship hanger that, according to the airport, does not exist except on every UFO documentary.

Plot: Your friend Emily is abducted by a flying saucer and your other very best friend Stephen also disappears while looking for Emily. In order to save your best friend Stephen, who has left clues for you to follow, you Break into area 51, steal a flying saucer, and fly it around the world in combat missions against aliens. You will need to choose between two alien races that need you to be saved from annihilation. You will be called upon to abduct people, brain browse, gene splice, alien hybridization, discover alien bases, and combat aliens that will give you clues that will lead you closer to the truth.

You fly the best construct of flight physics available on UFOs. Actual UFO encounters form the basis of the script and flight dynamics of the saucers. And like the young Fresh Prince of Belair pilot from ID4 said, "I gotta get me one of these."

"You are about to embark upon a mission for which there are only two possible outcomes: life or death. In the course of your mission, you will find that everything you have thought to be true about your government, your life, and your existence has been a lie. You will find yourself embroiled in a war so large that it traverses time and space. You will begin your quest in the pursuit of truth and love. In the end, you will hold the fate of humanity in your hands. You will fly an alien saucer. You will fly against your own people to save them. You will be forced to chose between two alien races, each of which needs you to save them from annihilation. Every mission you fly, ever person you abduct, every power-up you find, will lead you to the truth." AnyRiver Entertainment.

Animation: The special all-rew real-time three dimensional ThinkFish Productions’ game engine handles the action.

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