By Al Giovetti, 04/24/97
Developer: Jaeger Software and SPGS, Inc.
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Philips Media Software
Phone: 310-473-4147
Website: www.philipsmedia.com
Requirements:Fighter Duel SE requires an IBM PC or 100% compatible 486 DX-33 with 8 MB of RAM, a hard drive, a CD-ROM drive, a local bus video card with 1 MB of video RAM, and a mouse. The system should run either DOS version 6 or greater, or Windows® 95, although to run in a Windows® 95 DOS box will require greater than 8 MB of RAM. It can also be run in DOS start-up mode. Fighter Duel SE requires 420K of conventional memory and 7MB free XMS memory.

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Fighter Duel Special Edition


At the 1996 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, Fighter Duel was given a Finalist Award in the Simulation Game of the Year category by Computer Gaming World. Fighter Duel was also named a Finalist in the Best Simulation category in the 1995 European Emma Awards

Company Line

Fighter Duel is a state-of-the-art, award-winning World War II dogfight simulator for the PC created by Jaeger Software, Inc. and SPGS, Inc., and published by Philips Media, Inc. Fighter Duel was built with one goal in mind: to recreate the excitement and challenge of the World War II dogfight. We know you will agree that with its smooth frame rate, accurate and realistic aircraft force flight modeling, detailed flight environment, and sophisticated enemy tactics, Fighter Duel is the most realistic World War II dogfight simulator available.

Now in this new Special Edition we've made Fighter Duel even better, with improved flight models, 9-player IPX network play, radio chat, greater video card compatibility and many other improvements. And best of all, owners of the original Fighter Duel can update to the latest software version right here for free!

Here are some of the many features you'll find in Fighter Duel Special Edition: *Fly one of 16 classic fighter planes
*Photo-realistic instrument panel
*Detailed 3-D plane models
*Ultra-accurate full-force flight modeling
*Multiple cockpit and external views

Game Play

Fighter Duel had many problems, one of which was the weak single player games. Fighter Duel Special Edition (FDSE) has added the ability to play against eight computer controlled intelligent enemies in seven different tactical situations which test dogfighting skills. Additional challenges are added with the land-based airstrips and carriers where you can practice take offs and landings. While these two additions add to the single player experience, they in no way can substitute for the lack of a mission editor, scripted missions, or a random mission generator.

Game play is enhanced by sixteen classic fighter planes including the A6 Zero, Hellcat, Spitfire, Me -109, FW-190, P-51 Mustang and other World War II era fighter planes.


The game has no real plot save that the situations center around World War II airpower and combat in the Pacific and European theatres and pits you in dogfights against human and computer competition.


Graphics are excellent with highly detailed, texture-mapped environment in 640x480 pixel resolution and 256-color SVGA high-resolution display.


Voice Actors

There are no voice actors save you and your human opponents and teammates over the radio chat feature in the network or modem based fighter combat sessions.

Music Score

Sound Effects


Force feedback joysticks are supported. A force-feedback joystick has small electric motors in its base that apply pressure, or force, to the stick under the control of the computer and supporting software. This means that it's possible to simulate the stick forces that one would feel while flying a real fighter plane. High speed buffeting forces, aileron pressure, stall buffeting and even the rattle of bullets hitting your aircraft can be simulated on a force-feedback joystick to enhance the realism of the flight experience.

Multi-player Features

Two player support on serial and phone modem, with nine-player IPX LAN dogfights. The two-player mode requires a second PC connected to the first either via 9600 bps modems or by a null modem cable with full pin-out wiring. The radio chat feature further enhances the multiplayer environment which is clearly the strongpoint of this popular and award-winning game.

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Fighter Duel Web Site
Kevin J. McCann, Computer and Net Player, volume 3, number 11, April, 1997, pg. 86, 70%.
Game Revolution Review, 82%
Computer Games Online 4/5 (80%)


Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 18:56:37 -0800 From: farrside@indy.net 3/15/99 Do you know where I can order Fighter Duel "Special Edition?" Thank you, farrside@indy.net ANS: Fighter Duel 2.0 is being sold by Infogrammes. You can get the game at many major distributors.

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