Duke Nukem 3D Plutonium Pak
Review by Al Giovetti, 12/20/96
Price: $29.95
Genre: shooter action adventure
Release: now
Developer: 3D Realms
Publisher: GT Interactive
Phone: 800-305-3390
Website: www.gtinterative.com

Company line: Eleven new missions

History: Duke Nukem was the first Doom buster that out-Doomed Doom. This is a mission expansion pack and not a stand alone game.

Background: This is an expansion pack on the original, best selling, raunchy romp, Doom-busting shooter Duke Nukem 3D Atomic. This is NOT a stand alone game. Read the original review right here in the Computer Show PC Game Center.

Plot: Duke runs around in first person perspective and kills aliens, and watches the babes who sometimes and under the right inducement tastelessly bare their breasts. Scantily clad (panties and bra) maidens with various hair styles almost out number the aliens. Look out for the alien Queen who keeps popping out the ready to kill drones.

Missions: There are eleven new missions with more alien invaders and two new alien troopers. The new levels include Duke’s hamburger joint, an S&M movie set, and a Mission Impossible spoof.

Weapons: A new micowave gun can be combined with the shrink ray which will cause the target to explode in a spray of blood and guts.

One of the new alien troopers can shrink Duke and stomp on him. Those who do not remember from the Atomic version of Duke one of the funniest weapons was a shrink ray which shrunk the aliens to a size where you could stomp them out with your feet. Now the tables are turned.

Graphics: same as original

Animation: New cinematic cut scenes.

Voice actors: same as original

Music score: same as original

Sound effects: same as original

Utilities: A new Duke Nukem 3D screen saver is included with the game.

Multi-player: All the same multiplayer features of the original

Andrew Sanchez, Boot, volume 1, number 5, January, 1997, pg. 108, (80%).

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