Dragon's Lair DVD Video Game review by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Release:November 6, 1998
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Digital Leisure
Phone: (905) 888-9550 phone, (905) 888-9440 fax
Website: www.digitalleisure.com
Requirements:Requires a set top DVD player only. No computer necessary

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Dragon's Lair DVD-Video Game


Company Line

*Digital Leisure Releases Dragonís Lair DVD-Video

One of the Best-Selling Arcade Games of All Time Now Available for DVD movie players

GORMLEY, Ontario, Canada Ė November 6, 1998 -- Until now, most people were under the impression that their DVD movie player was designed to only play movies. But Digital Leisure has added a whole new dimension to the DVD experience.

Digital Leisure today announced the release of the first fully interactive game, the arcade smash Dragonís Lair, for DVD movie players. As the first animated video game in history, Dragonís Lair features non-stop video action. Using the remote control from the DVD movie player, game enthusiasts can guide Dirk the Daring, a valiant knight, through the enchanted castle of an evil wizard encountering treacherous monsters and obstacles until he reaches the final confrontation with the evil dragon Singe in the Dragonís Lair.

Dragonís Lair, the classic laser-disc based arcade game, features spectacular quality animation created by Don Bluth, a former Disney animator famous for his work on An American Tail, The Land Before Time and he also co-directed the more recent blockbuster Anastasia. In addition to the fully playable game, the Dragonís Lair DVD-Video release contains exclusive interviews with Bluth and Rick Dyer, co-creator and designer of the game. A special "Watch" option allows players to view the entire game without requiring moves on the DVD remote.

Dragonís Lair redefined the gaming industry in the 1980s, is one of three games in the Smithsonian Institute (the other two being Pac Man and Pong) and has sold well over 1,000,000 units on home computer and video game consoles.

"People will be amazed when they see what can be done with DVD," Elizabeth Foster, president of Digital Leisure said. "Many DVD-Video owners donít realize the hidden capabilities that are built into their machines. Dragonís Lair, possibly the most complex DVD-Video title authored to date, makes use of real-time decision making and user input to determine the flow of the game. Add this to the exceptional video and audio qualities of DVD and Dragonís Lair will surely raise the standard of customer expectations."

Following the release of Dragonís Lair, Digital Leisure plans to release Space Ace and Dragonís Lair II: Time Warp for DVD-Video in early 1999. Dragonís Lair is also available on DVD-ROM and CD-ROM formats.

Digital Leisure is a leading publisher of interactive DVD-ROM and DVD-Video titles. The company acquires and remasters existing video-intensive titles that would benefit from the superior video and audio quality of DVD. The company can be contacted at http://www.digitalleisure.com

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Bignan's DVD Page:
-"...(the) MSRP ... is a normal price to pay for a computer game and way cheaper than a Nintendo 64 game"
-"you will want this game"
-"So many of our friends who have been over before to watch DVD movies and have been impressed, but never to the point of wanting a DVD player of their own, were really wanting a player now"
-"this DVD is what I would call a "MUST HAVE". No player should be without"
-5 out of 5 stars
Bignan's Review

Gamer's Alliance
-"If you've been playing Dragon's Lair on CD-ROM for the past few years, then your jaw will drop when you compare the two"
-"Overall, this port is perfect for owners of DVD players who don't have a PC"
-"(Digital Leisure) could single-handedly create a new genre/market of home entertainment"
Gamer's Alliance Review

The DVD Post
-"If they can do the same with (Space Ace and Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp) as they have done with this one, then there just may be a new age of home video games...except these will offer advancements through DVD that haven't been seen before."
DVD Post Review

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