Dogz 4 and Catz 4 by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Release:October 18, 1999
Lead Artist:
ESRB Rating:
Publisher: Mindscape
Requirements:Platform: Windows® 95/98, CPU: Pentium® 166 MHz or higher, RAM: 32MB, Hard Drive: 300MB, 256-color video card and monitor, SoundBlaster or comparable 16-bit sound card with DirectX-compatible drivers, Media: CD-ROM drive

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Dogz 4 and Catz 4


Versions one, two and three of Dogz and Catz together have sold more than two million copies worldwide and enjoy an active online community of more than than 17,000 independent fan Web sites. Customers interested in learning more about the Petz product line can visit

Mindscape, part of the Home and Games unit of Mattel Interactive, a division of Mattel, Inc. (NYSE: MAT), publishes a variety of entertainment software products under the SSI, Red Orb, and Mindscape brands, including Myst, Chessmaster, Prince of Persia 3D, Panzer General 3D Assault, and Creatures. For more information on Mindscape products, please visit the Web site at

Company Line

MINDSCAPE SHIPS DOGZ 4 AND CATZ 4: Newest Version Includes Voice Recognition for Most Realistic Virtual Pet Interaction Yet

NOVATO, Calif. (October 18, 1999) - The Mindscape division of Mattel Interactive today announced that version 4 of its best-selling Dogz and Catz virtual life product line is now available at all major computer resellers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $29.99. The two biggest additions to the latest Petz titles are voice recognition technology and a tool for Petz owners to turn their own photos into new play environments.

IBM's ViaVoice voice recognition software allows owners to talk to their Dogz and Catz and train them to respond to voice commands, just like real pets. Examples of recognizable words include "sit," "fetch" and "roll over." Each Dogz 4 or Catz 4 package includes a microphone for the owner's computer.

The Playscene Editor allows users to create new play environments for their Petz with a digital camera or by scanning in traditional photos or by using any artwork program. For example, a Catz owner can scan in a picture of himself seated in a lawn chair in his own backyard, and his virtual Catz will be able to jump up on his lap and take a nap.

Dogz 4 and Catz 4 both offer several new places for Petz to explore, including a gypsy carnival, a wild West scenario, an Arabian desert, the South Seas' Islands and a winter wonderland. Version 4 also features new costumes, toys, and accessories, including pirate hats, bandannas, a sheriff's badge and more.

Petz 4 will be Mindscape's first product featuring voice recognition technology to hit the market. The second will be Babyz, the world's first virtual baby, which will be in stores in early November 1999. Mindscape Entertainment also publishes the popular Creatures and Aquazone virtual life product lines.

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