Die by the Sword

Preview by Al Giovetti
Genre: action
Release: December 1996
Developer: Treyarch Invention
Publisher: Interplay
Website: www.interplay.com
Requirements: PC dbtss01.gif - 14.6 K

History: The background of the fighting game

Plot: You hit me up the side of the head and I hit you and whoever is still standing after the donnybrook is the winner. You just fight to see who wins, plot smot.

Game play: Instead of having prerendered characters and animation, this game uses special VSIM motion control technology algorithm to create an infinite number of killer fighting moves on the 25 highly realistic moving polygon based characters. These invented signature moves will be added to the cache of basic high and low punches, kicks, and chops.

Characters: A satyr with horns and a spear, a pixie with a rapier, and a blacksmith with a monstrous steel hammer are some of the characters. dbtss00.gif - 12.9 K

Voice actors:

Music score: dbtss02.gif - 11.4 K

Sound effects:

Multiplayer: What is the use of a fighting game if you cannot fight head-to-head over modem (null and phone), network, and internet?

Die by the Sword, Computer Player, volume 3, njber 4, September, 1996, pg.. 23.