Dark Ages by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
ESRB Rating:
Website: www.darkages.com

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Dark Ages


Company Line

Game Play

Over a thousand creatures using over a hundred unique AI behaviors, present their hideous, malign, or benign forms before your heroic journey into the darkness.

Distributed; therefore, infinite world potential. Dark Ages gives each player world integration and long-standing stability. The worlds are not divided as seen with Ultima Online or Everquest.

Customize you, your abilities, your clothing, your legend, your kingdom, your guild, your list of friends, and more.

"Tales of deeds done, and the heroes that have done them" Click on any player and view a legend of heroic or villainous deeds he or she has done. Examples include the beginning of play, epic battles, special quests, infamous curses, great acts of charity, joining or founding a guild, or becoming a member of nobility.

Everything about you can be unique. There are just over a dozen body parts to wear over a thousand unique items, with hundreds of unique graphics.

Learn secrets and skills from several merchants, rogues, weapons masters, hedge wizards, faerie wizards and more. Over one hundred secrets and dozens of skills exist; evolved from Nexon's earliest works began in 1994.



Dark Ages uses the isometric view. Guide yourself through labyrinths, crypts, forests, seascapes, towns, and villages, from an isometric view of this unique fantasy world that has been described as "an eclectic blend of Celtic faerie tales and H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands."

The graphics are very basic and simple without the elaborate graphics seen in Everquest.


Voice Actors

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Multi-player Features

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  1. From: ph180 Sent: Monday, November 08, 1999 2:30 AM Subject: Dark Ages by Nexon Importance: High I am madly searchin for cheats, hints and codes for Dark Ages. The site location is at www.darkages.com If you can give me any help for this multi-player game I would appreciate it. Thanks a bunch...... ANS: Cheating in online games is rather unfair to other players.

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