Crystal Key 2 Review by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Price:$19.99 USD
Genre:graphic adventure
Release:March 17, 2004
Developer: Earthlight Productions
Earthlight Productions, Story, Game Design:Jennifer Matheson, John Matheson
Earthlight Productions Development Team:Alexander Beliaev, Donna Bennett, Matt Chandler, Kim Yoon, Rich Cohen, Tony Davidson, Lui Francisco, Adam Holbrough, Mike Kennedy, Michael Limbasean, Denis Lis, John Matheson, Stu McGinness, Carolyn Olauson, Jay Olauson, Rebecca Ott
Music and Sound:Doug Osbourne, Carolyn Olauson, Lex Mcginness, Robert's Big Box of Sounda
Kheops President:Benoit Hozjan
Lead Programming:Frederic Jaume
Additional Programming: Wilfrid Hainault
Original Music, Music, Sound Effects, Sound Design:Carolyne
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone with Violence
Senior Producer:
Associate Producer:
Product Manager:
Publisher: The Adventure Company
President:Richard Wah Kan
VP Marketing:Marshall Zwicker
Acquisitions Manager:Luc Verdier
Product Manager:Renata Richardson
Graphics Department Manager:James Meecham
Creative Director:Desmond Oku
Graphic Design and Layout:Sean Thompson, Trang To
Lead Illustrator:Russell Challenger
Director, International Communications:Nick Malaperiman
PR Coordinator:Tara Reed
Quality Assurance Testing QA Manager:Mike Adams
QA Lead:Adrian Miller
QA Staff:Dan Dawang, Matthew Dickson, Chris Elliott, Aldo Fazzari, Anthony Finelli, Ryan Gavel, Vasso T. Kontoulis, Kory Lauzon, Youhany Lee, Chris Nesbitt, Nick Mucci, Shing Pang, Daniel Torreblanca
Localization Manager: Christine Gervillie
Localization Assistant:Yann Tisseyr
Creative Services:
Website: The Adventure Company
Requirements:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 600 MHz Pentium III or equivalent, 64 MB RAM, 16x CD-ROM Drive, 32 MB Direct X Compatible 3D Video Card, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers
Recommended:24x CD-ROM DRive recommended
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Crystal Key 2

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Sequel to the best-selling Crystal Key which has sold more than 500,000 units in North America.


Company Line

A sci-fi fantasy adventure, players embark on a new journey of discovery and attempt to uncover the whereabouts of a mythical key. Legend tells of the Crystal Key's magical powers and its ability to bring peace to those who unlock its secrets. A simple quest becomes an odyssey, revealing the true nature of good and evil. Features

  • Sequel to the best-selling The Crystal Key from The Adventure Company, which has sold more than 500,000 units in North America.
  • 47 locations, 10 different environments and 3 different worlds to explore
  • Gorgeous pre-rendered graphics
  • Numerous tactile, logic and environmental puzzles
  • Ability to play as two characters
  • Original soundtrack with positional sound

Game Play




Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


Multi-player Features


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