Creatures 3 by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Release:November 1, 1999
Lead Artist:
Public Relations:Tom Clancy, Strategy Associates, Inc. <650-653-2764 Ext 209>*
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Creative Director:Toby Simpson
Phone: 1-800/973-5111

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Creatures 3


About CyberLife and Creature Labs: Creatures 3 is a product of the Creature Labs division of CyberLife Technology, Ltd. CyberLife is a pioneer in the field of artificial life technology and software development. Headquartered in Cambridge, England, the company has assembled a team of world-leading experts dedicated to the production of intelligent, artificial life systems that will spearhead a new generation of living technology.

About Mindscape Entertainment: Mindscape Entertainment, a unit of The Learning Company, a division of Mattel, Inc. (NYSE: MAT), publishes a variety of entertainment software products under the SSI, Red Orb, and Mindscape Entertainment brands, including Myst, Chessmaster, Prince of Persia 3D, Panzer General 3D Assault, and Creatures.

Company Line

Mindscape Entertainment Launches Creatures 3, Literally, Latest Edition and Prequel of Popular Creatures Line Puts Norns in Outer Space

NOVATO, Calif. (Nov. 1, 1999) - Mindscape Entertainment today launched Creatures 3 into outer space and onto shelves nationwide. Creatures 3 takes place on a vast, organic spaceship with five dynamic environments that together are twice the size of the world in Creatures 2.

Each of the five environments in Creatures 3 is complete with its own constantly evolving ecosystem, creating an endless variety of adventures for users and their Norns. Technological advances have also added realistic forces and elements.

"We've added real-world physics such as gravity, friction and aerodynamics, creating a more beautiful, dynamic and exciting world in which to play," said Creatures creative director Toby Simpson. "The Norns in Creatures 3 also have greater intelligence than the Norns in Creatures 2, a better sense of direction and stronger overall brainpower."

As in previous versions of Creatures, the game allows players to create and manipulate artificial organisms - Norns, Grendels and Ettins - that behave as if they are actually alive. The product comes with a starter family of pre-educated Norns that are ready to mate and reproduce. Players can also choose to hatch their own eggs and nurture their own set of Norns from birth.

There are also a variety of new dangers to navigate. The giant spaceship contains Grendels that will hunt and steal from Norns, Ettins that will hoard the worlds' array of life enhancing machines, and even a deceptively inviting pond infested with Norn-munching piranhas.

Industrious Norns and Bigger Gray Matter: To help Norns explore and even defend themselves, Creatures 3 features "connecting agents" to build mega-machinery. The connecting agents allow players to plug an array of interlocking gadgets together and combine their functions. For example, users can make a machine that, on detecting a Grendel, fires a tomato gun. Another machine when put together becomes a vehicle with remote cameras that can be controlled and used to scout dangerous areas.

The Story: The prequel to the Creatures series, Creatures 3 explains the mystery of the ancient civilization of Shee and where the Creatures went after leaving the disk-shaped world of Albia in Creatures stories 1 and 2. Creatures 3 takes place a millennium before Creatures 2, when the Shee - a super-intelligent race - left Albia in a huge organic spaceship to find a new, more spherical home. When the stowaway Grendels attacked them in flight, the Shee escaped to the planet's surface and abandoned their spaceship in orbit. The Shee's abandoned craft is now home to the Norns.

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