By Al Giovetti, 05/14/97
Developer: Novalogic
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Novalogic
Website: www.novalogic.com
Requirements:Pentium, 100 MHz, 16 MB RAM, 2X CD-ROM, 1 MB VGA, Microsoft mouse, Sound Blaster board, DOS; Windows 95

Comanche 3


Company Line

Introducing Comanche 3, the latest sequel to the best-selling Comanche franchise. Based on authentic Boeing and Sikorsky, who created the Comanche helicopter, documentation, Comanche 3 offers entirely new technology, an accurate flight model, realistic sounds such as actual Pilot chatter and digitized sounds of a REAL Comanche in flight - experience it all in Dolby SurroundSound. Comanche 3 offers an immersive and intensive combat gaming experience. Get ready!

Over 30 extreme combat missions - including strategic lightning strikes, night "creeps" and set-piece assaults. New Voxel Space® 2 rendering technology creates photo-realistic atmospheric effects and terrain. Brings sandy deserts, snowcapped mountains and lush jungles to life with unsurpassed realism! Stealth technology lets you minimize or eliminate your enemy’s normal means of detection. Fully articulated objects that operate according to the same laws of physics as their real life counterparts. Your visual flight recorder allows you to playback and even change the outcome of your mission. Multiplayer network mode allows you to engage in combat with up to 8 players off only one CD-ROM! Equipped with both an easy and advanced flight model. Flight tested for accuracy by Army test pilots. 3-D sensored Combat sound effects - explosions, engine hum, helmet chatter and voice triggers.

Game Play




Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


Multi-player Features

Comanche 3 supports direct connect play on null modem serial cable and modem play, on a 14.4 K bps modem for two players. Network play for up to 8 players is supported over IPX/ODI with appropriate network adapter. Internet play on IPX to TCP/IP driver (Kali) is limited on the number of players by the on connection speed and internet state.

The CD-ROM includes premium Internet Service Provider, Earthlink Network connection software, with 15 days of free unlimited Internet access. The CD also includes Internet Kali Starter Kit with 15 minutes of free playtime. Kali requires an Internet Service Provider.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough

When queried about cheats, Novalogic said they were not ready to release the cheats yet. Get moving hackers and let us know so we can post them right here.



Marc Saltzman, GameSpot, May, 1997, 86%.

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