Clue review by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Price: $40
Genre: computer board game
Developer: 3T Productions
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Hasbro Interactive
Phone: 508-921-3700
Requirements: 486DX2, 66MHz, 8 MB RAM (12 MB RAM for Windows 95), 5 MB hard disk drive space, 2X CD ROM drive, SVGA graphics, mouse, Sound Blaster compatible



Playing Clue makes up the experience of anyone who has been young and with family members away from a video machine. Board games like Clue still make up some of the best game time around for multiplayers

Company Line

The three Clue CD-ROMs are murder to figure out! If sleuthing is your cup of tea, you'll be wandering through the Boddy Mansion in full-motion video blended with realistic 3-D graphics, trying to solve the dastardly deed!

Game Play

You get a notebook that resembles the paper analysis sheets that came with the boxed game. The notebook is divided into map, suspects, weapons, rooms, options and rules. There is no use of the dice for moving as seen in the board game, you are given two actions per move when in multiplayer mode, including move into a room and question suspect.

Single player play is just a matter of time when you will have enough evidence to make a prediction, you don't really play against anyone.


You take the role of one of six suspects in a mansion where a murder has been committeed. In a ghoulish mood, the inhabitants of the house play a game to guess who is the murderer first. Whoever can guess the murderer first wins the game. The game provides three different plots in to provide replay value, this is woefully inadequate when you consider that the boardgame has hundreds of possible outcomes.


The graphics are filmed doll houses with pasted pictures on small plastic counters. The lighting in these pictures is poorly done.


Video sequnces are presented in a small window in the notebook for flashbacks. Moving within the dollhouse like rooms is difficult and cumbersome. The screen pans slowly.

Voice Actors

Music Score

There is no option to turn the music off and while pleasant enough seems to contribute to speed problems and delays in the game.

Sound Effects


Charlotte reported repeated bugs, lockups, and slowdowns on a Pentium 75MHz machine.

Multi-player Features

Hot seat play offers little over the board game for up to six players. There is no network, internet, or modem support, a serious deficiency. An internet, network or modem feature with online chat feature would have added a lot to this game.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough


Cindy thinks the game is good for people who are nostalgic, but not for much more.

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Charlotte Panther, Computer Gaming World, issue 154, May, 1997, pg. 144, 20%.
Cindy Yans, Computer Games, issue 78, May, 1997, pg. 92, 75%.

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