civIIlog.gif - 7.2 K
Genre: God game strategy
Price: $50
Release: August 96
Developer: Microprose
Designer: Sid Meier and Brian Reynolds
Producer: Microprose
Phone: 410-771-1151
Required: 486 DX, 33 MHz, 8 MB RAM, 20 MB hard disk drive space, mouse, 2X CD ROM drive, Windows 95 or 3.1 s_map.gif - 41.1 K

The plot is still the same with settlers moving to a new location founding a town, farming the area around it, putting in transportation systems. Twenty-eight wonders are built in towns that give you special powers that expire as new wonders are added. New units add nuances to the original like the Mata Hari like spies, the devastating fire power rich Aegis Cruiser, Paratroopers who can ignore all terrain when dropping from the sky.

There are 88 civilization advances and 51 unit types. You can now manage commodities of gold and silk in a game within a game. Changes to trade, diplomacy and combat improve the game and refine it to an art.

Nice 3D perspective city view, short full motion video movies, drop down menu cheat mode for the novices and compulsive cheaters, and other features donít add to the game play, but do make the game more entertaining for the casual player.

Help: The advisory council is back with full motion video (FMV) sequences of advice and criticisms. Some of the advisors display a sense of humor. s_throne.gif - 50.7 K

Accessability: With six skill or difficulty levels, a tutorial, a cheat mode, and 88 different cultures with their own characteristics, Civilization II, can be played by novice and expert alike. Many boards claim that the experienced Civilization II players have had no trouble beating the game at the highest level. Perhaps CivNet, the multiplayer network and internet version of the game, will give them a bit more of a challenge. Some claim the artificial intelligence does not cheat as much. There is an over 200 page paper manual. Microprose has not given into the trend towards cyber manuals that so many game players are upset about.

Hints: Use your spies.

Conclusion: Nicer than the original. Civilization and simulation addicts alike should like this one.

Reviews references: T. Liam McDonald, PC Gamer, volume 3, number 7, July, 1996, pg. 82-83. 97%
Civ II goes gold:
Sells over 850,000 copies:
Martin E. Cirulis,
Next Generation, volume 2, number 19, July, 1996, pg. 83. 5/5, 100%.
Bernard Dy, Computer Player, volume 3, number 1, June, 1996, pg. 62-63. 8/10 (80%).