By Al Giovetti, 03/16/97
Price:$169 - $249
Lead Artist:
Publisher: CH Products
Phone: 800-624-5804
Website: www.chproducts.com
Requirements:serial port and a joystick port on a IBM compatible PC.

CH Force FX force feedback joystick


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There once was a good joystick, about 20 years ago, and it was produced by CH for the Apple II. This joystick still works with the IBM adapter after many years of disuse. Now that is remarkable.

The CH Joystick is the only joystick that we have tested that has never broken with repeated use. We have heard of only one incident of claimed breakage in the many years we have been using them. We have never been able to break one ourselves, so perhaps the story we heard is bogus.

Company Line

The first-ever joystick with force-feedback technology is here! The FORCE FX has revolutionized the gaming industry. We're entering new territory with a stick that fights back! With six built-in effects, the FORCE FX tears you through your favorite games.

The FORCE FX is guaranteed to knock your socks off with six built-in effects you can experience through the stick in many variations of magnitude, direction, duration and repetitiveness. Each variation is determined through your favorite I-Force-supported game. Feel your vehicle shift gears and experience what happens when you run into a wall with the JOLT motion. VECTOR FORCE yanks your arm as you struggle to pull Gs in your jet. Hold on as X & Y VIBRATION comes alive when you drive over bumpy roads and rev your engines. With the SPRING effect in the FORCE FX, you can feel stiff airplane throttle; and recoiling gunfire with BUTTON REFLEX. Buffeting motion reacts in your hand as you experience an explosion and air turbulence. These six styles of force have full, programmable feel parameters to allow thousands of distinct sensations. If you're gonna play with the FORCE FX, you'd better sit down and fasten your seatbelt. It's a bumpy ride.


Offers six built-in force-feedback effects: JOLT, VECTOR FORCE, X&Y VIBRATION, SPRING, BUTTON REFLEX and BUFFETING; each having limitless variations and combinations of magnitude, duration, direction and repetitiveness.

F-16 JET GRIP: An authentic look, modeled after the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

TWO 4-WAY SWITCHES, FIVE FIRE BUTTONS, TRIGGER and TRIM CONTROLS: Adds increased control and precision during gameplay. Provides 14 functions as a stand-alone stick.

Ideal to use in conjunction with the PRO THROTTLE: Provides gamers with 34 functions, 14 from the FORCE FX and 20 from the PRO THROTTLE.

7-FOOT CABLE ASSEMBLY: High-quality, metal connector mounts easily to the gamport using thumbscrews.

HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION and DESIGN: Potentiometers rated to 2 million cycles; push buttons rated to 10 million presses; 4-way switches rated to 1 million presses each direction.


Current Games With Integrated I-Force

Electronic Arts' Need For Speed SE; Interactive Creations' WarBirds; Parallax Software's Descent II, Mission Studio's Jet Fighter III, Accolade's Unnecessary Roughness '96; Eidos Interactive's Flying Nightmares 2, Sierra's Silent Thunder and Red Baron 2, Philips Media Games' Fighter Duel SE and Overtime Sports' Monday Night Football. Soon to be compatible with force fx: Eidos Interactive's Confirmed Kill and AH-64A, LucasArts' Outlaws, Rocket Science's Rocket Jockey, Trimark Interactive's Mag Zone and Kesmai's Air Warrior II.

CH Products and Immersion Corporation have set the standard in joystick and force-feedback API developments. For patches and updates, visit the game companies' websites or www.force-feedback.com for more information.





Ch Force FX Web Site David Gerding, PC Games, volume 4, number 3, March, 1997, pg. 103, 98%.

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