Chaos Island review by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Developer: DreamWorks Interactive
Lead Artist:
Publisher: DreamWorks Interactive
Phone: 310-234-7000
Requirements:P60, 48MB RAM, 20MB HD space, SVGA, 2X CD-ROM drive,

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Chaos Island


DreamWorks has elected to enter the highly competitive real-time strategy arena. Why not? Many people have made their megabucks there. Why can't Steven Spielberg win big like Westwood's Command and Conquer and Blizzard's War Craft series? Me too games sell.

Company Line

Think fast. Move even faster. You control a team of scientists stuck on an island packed with prehistoric perils. Have courage, have guts, but most of all have a plan of attack. Strategy, fun and total chaos in a battle to save THE LOST WORLD!

Based on the hit film THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK. Features: Build an army of dinosaurs, including T-Rex and Raptors! Experience real state-of-the-art panic! Hear celebrity voices, including Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore, Vince Vahn, Vanessa Lee Chester, Richard Schiff and Richard Attenborough. Fight your way through 12 bone-crushing missions!

Once you find your fellow scientists. You'll need to know their strengths and weaknesses to survive this island. But get aquainted fast because the helicopter isn't going to wait forever.

Game Play

Standard fare for strategy games. Each human team member from the film has a special skill, such as being a good shot with a rifle, or fast. Each type of dinosaur has a special skill as well. Bigger dinos scare the smaller ones away. You have tyranasaurus, velociraptor, stegasaurus, and several other dinosaurs that you can hatch from eggs and grow.

Like other strategy games, you can build structures such as fences, tents, hatcheries, etc. to support the production of your army. You need to amass resources to support the building and egg production. And you must protect your base while destroying theirs. All of these concepts were done better in Command and Conquer and War Craft, so if you are a Lost World fan you will be happy. If you are a medium to advanced real-time strategy fan, you may be disappointed. Also the expedition team members composed of Ian Malcolm, Sarah Harding, Nick Van Owen, Eddie Carr, Kelly Curtis, and A Field Technician have statistics in five areas Carry, Armor, Vision, Damage and Speed. Nick has the special skill of being good at covert activities and sabotage. Eddie can rig communications and other gear.


The setting is a small secluded dinosaur production island. Your job in the game is to amass an army of dinosaurs which you send against another army of dinosaurs controlled by the bad guys. You get to play on the side of the good guys.


The graphics are attractive but nothing spectacular.


Voice Actors

Steven Spielberg is very smart. Much smarter than many other film directors. Steve gets his actors to sign a contract binding them to produce the movie and the video game. All the original voices are in this gem of a game. Not strong on game play, but where else can you have the headliners and all the other actors voices in a game? The game gets an A+ in this category.

Music Score

What do you expect from Spielberg and his two other partners. They don't schlep the sound.

Sound Effects

They don't schlep the sound. In fact the effects and music are so good and from the original movie that these categories should be the new standard for video and computer games.


Multi-player Features

No multiplayer, which would seem like a disadvantage, until you learn that this game is not for die-hard real-time stragegy game players.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough

Type CHEATS during game play. This makes you units stronger and disables the shroud. (Don't know if this works for the full version)


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Daniel Morris, PC Games, volume 5, number 2, February, 1998, page 89, B- (82%). DreamWorks Chaos Island website

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