covlogo.gif - 3.5 K
Review by Al Giovetti
Price: $30
Genre: Strategy
Release: July 96
Developer: Westwood Studios
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Phone: 800-974-4607
Requirements: 486 DX, 66 MHz, DOS, 5.0, 2X CD ROM drive, 20 MB hard disk space, mouse, sound card, keyboard, hands, eyes, hmmm. covjp1.jpg - 4.9 K

Command & Conquer (C&C) was one of the most exciting games of 1995 and was at the top of most everyoneís chart. After a long wait, those who are in need of their C&C fix will now be satisfied.

Missions There are 15 single player missions on this mission expansion disk divided into seven Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and eight Brotherhood of NOD scenarios and 10 multiplayer scenarios. In the original game, you had to play each mission in the original scenario order and if you were stumped by one mission you could not complete the rest of the disk. The new missions can be completed in any order that you want, and thank goodness, because some of these missions are diabolically difficult.

Graphics: There are two graphic presentations: the full motion video (FMV) and the top-down, third-person, map perspective of the game screens. The FMV is quite good, with quick ,action-packed, ultra realistic, 3D studio type anamations, that divide up the missions. The graphics of the buildings, vehicles, and scenery is also quite good. Westwood animations and graphics are the best in the industry, with expert artists like Rick "Picasso" Parks and his crew, you will not be disappointed.

Sound, Techno music scores are on the disk but they can get stale after the number of hours you are likely to play this game.

Multiplayer: You can play head-to-head over phone, or null modem, and network covjp2.jpg - 4.9 K

Sequel: The sequel C&C Red Alert is expected to be released soon. A demo of the game is included on the CD.

Cheat: Type C&C FUNPARK from the DOS prompt with the CD-version, and you will give yourself a whole new set of Jurassic park missions with dinosaurs, including velociraptors and tyranosaurus rex.

Reviewing the Reviewers: Vince Broady said, "Westwood Studioís add-on disk to last yearís best-selling strategy title proves almost the opposite point: Too much of a good thing can actually be a bad thing. Thereís no greater purpose or goal to worry about, nothing to save, nothing to achieve. Itís almost as if Westwood is saying "Pick a mission, pick a side, play, quit, whatever we donít really care." If they donít care, why should we?" We though giving the game a 59% and telling people to forget it was a bit extreme. Lighten up Vince.

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