Buster and The Beanstalk: Tiny Toon Adventures

by Al Giovetti
Genre: children’s storybook
Release: August 96
Developer: Terra Glyph
Publisher: Terra Glyph
Phone: 800-929-9844
Website: www.terraglyph.com
Requirements: Windows 95
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Plot: The normal screwy type of Tiny Toon plot with seven, count ‘em, other fairy tales mixed into the plot pot. Of course each fairy tale requires the individual style of Warner Brothers Tiny Toon Stars Buster Bunny, seeking the ultimate extreme, Plucky Duck, enormous ego and greed, Babs Bunny, the mall-hopping, cell-phone princess, and Elmyra, the monster, errr.. girl, who will love you to death.

The fairy tales include Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and the Beanstalk, Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Interface: Point and click over and over while looking for stuff. Little Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island, Freddi Fish, and Maniac Mansion) animations abound on the screen. Click on any object and an animation will start. What is different about these animations is that so many of them can be going on simultaneously. The older little animations required you to wait until finished to get the next ones moving.

Puzzles: Treasure hunt type where you go from screen to screen to find eggs, keys, and other items

Animation: Traditional hand drawn, cell-by-cell animation, scanned into the computer, digitized,colored on the computer and viola we got an interactive story book. The artists doing the drawing take their training from an unbroken line back to Walt Disney. Beautiful stuff made even more beautiful by a new 32-bit animation engine optimized for Windows 95.

Original soundtrack