Bruce Jenner's World Class Decathlon

by Al Giovetti
Price: $50
Genre: sports
Release: June 1996
Developer: Holy Mackerel Media and Dallas Multi-Media
Publisher: Interactive Magic
Phone: 800-446-2440, 919,461,0722
Requirements: hijumpsm.gif - 5.9 K

History: The box looks like a box of Wheaties, just donít make the mistake of pouring it into a bowl and eating it. Bruce probably appeared on Wheaties more than any man or women alive. But is the Wild Bill Stealy adaptation of Bruce anything like the champion who endorses the box?

Bruce Jenner is a remarkable athlete and a remarkable human being. His presence on this title may not have saved it, but perhaps the video interview included with the game makes it worth the price.

Plot: Take the role of a Decathalete and get out on the field and compete in all ten events: long jump, 100 meter dash, javelin, discus, pole vault , 400 meter race, 110 meter hurdles, 1,500 meter race, and shot put. Assume the role of one of eight competing athleteís from around the world.

Single or full decathlon: Either compete in single events or the entire decathlon, a full 10-event contest.

Interface: A new style of interface eliminates the repetitive strain injury causing rapid button pressing of earlier efforts. The game is just simply too easy to be any kind of challenge and there went the game.

Voice actors: Bruce Jenner

Music score: adequate javelinsm.gif - 5.8 K

Sound effects: adequate

Help: In the guise of a cyber rendition of Bruce Jenner, is available as the online help to give you hints and tips on how a cyber potato wins the cyber decathlon.

Multiplayer: Even in the one to eight player multi-player game, earning winning results does not have a solid connection to your actual performance at the keyboard.

Hugo Foster,, (44%)
Christian Schock,
Chad Charowhas,, C, (75%).
Jeff Lackey, Computer Games Strategy Plus, issue 70, September, 1996, pg. 78, 4/5 (80%).