Review by Al Giovetti, 09/15/96
Price: $30
Genre: arcade classic
Release: August 21, 1996
Developer: Logicware,
Producer: Steve Parsons, Logicware
Programmer: Lars Brubaker
Publisher: Atlantean Interactive Games
Phone: 800-822-8339, 818-908-9663
Requirements: DOS 5.0, Windows 95, or Mac 7.1, open transport 1.1 for network with 7.5.3, 2X CD ROM, 8MB RAM, 3-30 MB hard disk space, 640x480 SVGA

History: One day during the dawn of computer time when we just broke into the light of computers. People were beginning to put away their pencils and paper, and games became an interface away. Many of the new age computer gamers played Asteroids on their machines and it was good. Now many years later another company presents us with the same game, "updated to the new technology." Will nostalgia and good game play grab the older and newer computer generation?

Plot: According to the company website, the following is the plot of the game:

"1978: the righteous tunes of rock 'n roll cruise out into space, affectionately filling the galaxy with the clean, true sounds of peace and harmony -- music reaching out across the vastness of space at the speed of light and transforming all it comes across into fellow citizens and friends of the human race.

For over eight thousand years all who have come in contact with it have mellowed and joined the greatest organization of intelligent life ever, The Federation of Astro-Rockers. That is, until now.

The year is 9,999, and the biggest bash of the millennium is about to take place. All the known bands of the galaxy have gathered together in the Hendrix system to jam their tunes. Rock will blaze across the interstellar vastness.

But unfortunately, the ancient waves have recently crossed a small, distorted world in the Bee-Gee cluster, and its warped inhabitants have found the music to be less than pleasing. In fact, they find it to be so mind-numbingly horrible that they have decided to venture out and destroy all things associated with rock 'n roll.

These insidious aliens have seized the Hendrix system, preventing the bands from entering.

The Federation, in a desperate attempt to save the party (and, as a result, the entire civilized galaxy) has called forth its most trusted and steely warrior to go and knock the rock out of the aliens.

"This is one concert that will go on. I'm not gonna let anyone or anything mess with this party. Even if I have to fly out there and kick every one of those Rock-less beings' asses myself", said Captain Zed Nepher before hopping in his Fender-Astrocaster ANNIHILATOR 9000 and flying off."

Interface: Fully programmable key based interface and joystick control with Windows 95. Default keys N for thrus, Z turn right, X is turn left, H is a bomb, Space is shield, and M is fire.

Gameplay: Many different types of alien space ships to kill with different armament. Armor, shield, extra ship, weapons and other powerups come out of the exploded asteroids. Can set enemies to regenerate.

Graphics: Three dimensional, light sourced, texture-mapped, 640x480 pixels fully-rendered graphics are quire good for a classic game


Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Voice actors: Some voices are in the game.

Music score: The rock track is the music track on the CD plays on its own in your own CD player. The music is pop rock music, definitely not elevator stuff. Music was done by Chad Max, with Logicware.

Sound effects: The sound effects sound like explosions, loud and reverberating. The box recommends 16 inch woofers.

Multi-player: Can play null modem, phone modem, network, and internet play for up to eight players. The multiplayer road. Cooperative team play, free-for-all FFA modes, or all against the space ships. A contest with all Virgin Megastores and an in-store demo of the game.

Mike: It is just another rip off of Asteroids. It doesn’t even have brakes. (Of course the original asteroids did not have brakes either. Perhaps it is just another generation gap. - Ed.)

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