By Al Giovetti, 03/16/97
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Corel
Phone: 800-455-3169
Website: www.corel.com
Requirements:Windows 95, Pentium P60, 8 MB RAM, 27 MB Hard Drive Space, 640x480, 256 Color graphics card, 2X CD-ROM drive, 8-bit Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card, Mouse, joystick (optional)

Ashes to Ashes


Company Line

In the twenty-second century, the world’s disputes are settled by highly trained professional soldiers who battle to the death in desolate arenas around the globe. Your solo mission is to seek out and destroy corrupted mercenaries whose bizarre behavior is threatening the system of controlled warfare. Ashes to Ashes™ is a fast-paced, action/strategy game with stunning visual effects. Choose from a variety of sophisticated weapons and high-powered military vehicles to crush your enemies. Negotiate hazardous terrain in eight different worlds with 50 levels of play. Test your survival skills in Ashes to Ashes—a challenging and exciting CD-ROM game from Corel.

Earth. 22nd century. Incessant, ravaging warring has devastated the planet. World governments have been toppled and replaced by a more powerful establishment the Order. The Order has restored peace by isolating the violence—resolving disputes on the field of battle using professional soldiers in controlled combat environments. All is well for a time. Until ... catastrophe strikes again. Somehow the minds of a handful of soldiers have been tampered with—twisted by fiendish brain implants. These soldiers have embarked upon a campaign of mass destruction within the arenas threatening to bring down the new Order and with it 20 years of peace. Without the technology to restore the soldiers, the Order sends out its best men. You are numbered among these best men. Dropped into the midst of the fray you must put an end to their bloody campaign of terror. You’re on your own. Good luck.

Game Play

The computer controlled players are very predictable and little challenge. The difficulty is adjusted by throwing more and more robots your way. The control system is primitive when compared to Doom or Quake, lacking a strafe button and other niceties that most gamers are used to. There are 50 different arena landscapes, weapons and enemies, but they all act the same and are illustrated poorly. Drive sophisticated military vehicles including Scout Pod, Falcon Assault Cycle and Alien Scarab. There are six types of high-powered weapons, six different enemies with artificial intelligence. The ground combat is conducted in first person perspective with automatic aiming and customizable controls.


In the far future, battle arenas are used to settle disputes, using mercinary pilots in very large armed, humanoid robots to represent individuals, companies and entire countries. On one world an arena has gone haywire and the combattants are destroying everything. You take the role of the mercinary combattant hired to take out the renegades and return everything to normal with a minimal loss of civilian and political life.


Cartoony graphics with little precision.


Voice Actors

Music Score

Super Mario like music, which Corel calls "high energy pounding sound track".

Sound Effects


Multi-player Features

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough


Kevin does not like this game.


Corel Ashes to Ashes Web Site
Kevin J. McCann, Computer & Net Player, volume 3, number 11, April, 1997, pg. 86, 50%.

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