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By Al Giovetti
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The Great Escape

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Lucas Arts introduced the game preview with Sam and Max a totally different kind of game. Unfortunately, Sam and Max does not come with Sam and Max. You could buy the preview with the Sam and Max game enclosed, in very limited quantities at select computer software stores.

Armed and Dangerous is a shooter with humorous elements. Sam and Max is a graphic animated adventure with humorous elements. The only thing the two have in common is the humor.

Lucas Arts cancelled the sequel to Full Throttle, a true animated graphic adventure, and Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb was not an animated graphic adventure. Fans of this genre from Lucas Arts may never see another game in the graphic animated adventure area.

There is hope though. I talked to Al Lowe recently. Al Lowe told me that there is a chance that Sierra will be doing another Liesure Suit Larry with Al Lowe consulting on the plot and other details.


Sufficiently entertaining to warrent a guarded recommendation. This game is no Monkey Island. If you do not like endless killing of cyber soldiers for absolutely no reason at all, you will not like this game.

Company Line

Game Play

There are a bunch of weapons and explosives. Two notable interesting weapons are the land shark gun and the explosive gun. The land shark gun launches a land shark which never misses and devours the person you shot the shark at. This sequence has to be seen to be believed. The explosive gun is a guided missle of sorts with two explosive whirling missles that unerringly hit their target.

Whenever you reach the end of a mission and the beginning of the next one there is an extended comical animated cut scene, where the characters are free to tell their terrible jokes. The best part of any good entertainment offering is humor. This game is worth playing to experience the off beat humor.


You are supposed to kill millions of enemy warriors, rescue peasants, avoid destroying peasant houses, kill bullseye houses (You have to play the game to understand this one.), destroy gun emplacements, destroy guard houses, destroy derigibles, kill snipers, rescue prisoners, and other tasks while attempting to get the magical Book of Rule and save the kingdom from a cruel opressive ruler. The plot is the fairly standard justification for killing millions of nameless cybernetic people to save the good people of [blank] from the evil [blank]. Scorpia had a catch phrase for the standard plot. Enough said.


Many of the buildings and other structures can be blown up repeatedly leading to a barren landscape.


Voice Actors

The voice acting is excellent and the script is well written. The voices are sufficiently comical to support the humor in the game.

Music Score

Sound Effects

Explosions, rifle fire, screams and other standard fare.


Multi-player Features


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