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Requirements:Drivers (per satellite): Two 3 inch full range drivers Driver (subwoofer): One 6 inch dual voice coil Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz Satellite Power: 20 Watts (5 watts per driver) at <0.8% THD Subwoofer Power: 20 Watts at <0.8% THD Input Impedance: >10K ohms S/N Ratio: >70 dB Single Port USB Node USB 1.0 Specification Compliant UL/CUL/CE Approved

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Altec Lansing ADA 305


True Digital Audio with Multichannel Surround Sound Excitement True Multichannel Audio For Multidimensional Excitement Audio Management Software: On-Screen Control Over Your Listening Environment Integrated Volume Control Eliminates Volume Distortion

Before today, a multimedia speaker system operated outside the domain of the PC. However, with the advent of new audio technologies and unique product design, Altec Lansing delivers True Digital Audio to you with the ADA305 Digital PowerCube Speaker System. The Digital PowerCube uses the power of your PC to enhance your PC home audio experience.

The ADA305 Digital PowerCube delivers multidimensional audio excitement resulting from a Dolby Pro Logic decoder in the subwoofer. It simply takes any analog signal and converts it to 4 channels of audio. To deliver the multichannel audio, the Digital PowerCube uses Altec Lansing's patented side-firing speakers so that the audio is driven to the side and rear for a true multidimensional audio experience.

As a result of USB (Universal Serial Bus) technology, Altec Lansing now delivers to you greater control of your listening environment with the Digital PowerCube's Audio Management Software*. This on-screen software allows you to individually adjust each audio channel: you'll be able to customize your audio to your listening environment so that you can maximize your audio pleasure. In addition to the on-screen controls, the Audio Management Software integrates your PC, sound card and speaker volume control into one system: one adjustment changes all controls simultaneously so that you will no longer inadvertently distort your audio volume.

Through advanced audio technology and unique system design, the ADA305 uses the power of the PC to enhance your audio for True Digital Audio playback. And it's only from Altec Lansing. * To take advantage of the Audio Management Software, you must have an enabled USB port with the USB supplement to Windows 95.

Winter CES Innovations - Design & Engineering Award 1998
ComputerLife Award

Company Line

ALTEC LANSING SHIPPING MARKET'S FIRST USB CONTROLLED SPEAKER SYSTEM ADA305 Digital PowerCube™ System harnesses power of the PC; innovative technology provides power and performance with industry's first "smart" speaker

Altec Lansing Technologies, Inc. today announced that it is now shipping the ADA305 Digital PowerCube™ Speaker System with Dolby ProLogic® Surround Sound technology. The ADA305 is a three-piece system delivering True Digital Audio ProLogic® surround sound via Altec Lansing's patented side-firing design and including on-speaker and GUI controls. Computer users can now use the power of their PCs to enhance audio quality while having the greatest possible control of their listening environment. "Altec Lansing is very excited to be delivering the industry's first USB controlled speaker system, the ADA305," commented Edward Anchel, president and CEO of Altec Lansing Technologies, Inc. "The product provides consumers with the latest in digital speaker technology greatly improving upon consumer control and enjoyment of the listening environment."

The ADA305 was designed to include Altec Lansing's patented side-firing speaker technology and unique algorithms providing true ProLogic® surround sound without the need for rear speakers, making them an ideal solution for the desktop environment. The ADA305 delivers home audio system sound quality through two 10 watt small footprint satellite speakers and a separate 24 watt subwoofer. The system is also the industry's very first product to embody USB controls.

Users of the ADA305 will have the greatest possible control of their audio environment through the Altec Lansing Audio Management Software included with the system. Altec Lansing Audio Management Software is designed to maximize the benefits of True Digital Audio through the incorporation of a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

The GUI allows on-screen adjustment of individual audio channels, giving greater control as well as the ability to identify the optimum listening "sweet spot." In addition, digital audio technology integrates the speakers, mixer and sound card volume controls thus virtually eliminating inadvertent volume distortion. As a result, consumers will find it significantly easier to adjust the audio volume of their computer system.

Altec Lansing Technologies, Inc.
Altec Lansing Technologies, Inc., based in Milford, PA, is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of high quality multimedia personal computer and home entertainment sound systems, and is developing a series of solutions for emerging digital technologies. The company employs about 550 people worldwide. In addition to the company's headquarters, Altec Lansing has offices in Walnut Creek, CA, Austin, TX, Seattle, WA, Royston Herts, England, Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo, a manufacturing facility in the People's Republic of China and an Advanced Research and Development Center in Kfar Saba, Israel.

Consumers interested in additional information about the company and its products can call 800-ALTEC88 (258-3288) or visit the company at on the World Wide Web.

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