Altec Lansing ACS55
Computer Gaming Speaker System
Review by Al Giovetti, 10/27/96
Price: $200
Genre: computer high fidelity speakers with subwoofer
Release: September 1996
Publisher: Altec Lansing Technologies, Inc., Milford, PA 18337-0277
Phone: 800-648-6663, 717-296-2818
Requirements: Runs on a PC, Macintosh or Stereo System

History: The ACS500 with Dolby Pro-Logic circuitry is one of the best computer speaker systems available today. The three piece system includes nine speakers: four 3 inch mid bass, two 1.25 x 2.5 inch full range, two one-half inch dome tweeter, and one 6.5 inch long throw woofer. Each stereo sattelite speaker has 22.5 Watts while the subwoofer has 40 watts of power.

The speakers provide true wave table sound for those without wave table sound cards. WaveCube files provide interactive steering of midi files. The Dolby Pro-Logic circuitry provides true surround sound. This remarkable set of speakers must be heard to be appreciated. This is not just blowing wind since Computer Shopper, Computer Life, Home PC, and PC Magazine articles all praise the speaker performance. The ACS500 speakers have five awards: 1995 CES Innovations, Home PC top 100 hardware, four of five stars from Computer Life, Windows 95, and Mulitmedia PC 3 awards.

Plays: The ACS55, Power Gaming Speaker System, is the solution for the avid gamer that provides not quite the punch of the ACS500, but at a more reasonable price. Like the ACS500, the ACS55 is a three piece system with two stereo satellites and one sub woofer for the floor. The Wave Cube software will interact with and manipulate the game MIDI software files.

Altec Dolby Mulimedia Surround Sound gives 5 channel output for true multimedia sound experience. The speakers drive the sound out at different angles. Two 3 inch shielded full range speakers and two one-half inch dome tweeters move sound out to the front while two identical three inch full range speakers move the sound out to the side and slightly upward. The 6.5 inch subwoofer drives the sound from the floor below the monitor. The ASC55 is identical to the ACS500 except for the two 1.25 x 2.5 inch full range speakers that move sound across the front of the computer monitor.

Interesting enough, the speakers are in some ways identical to the ACS400 systems which ship on the Gateway computer systems. Those speakers do not contain the advanced Dolby circuitry that the ACS55s do nor the WaveCube software.

Conclusion: It is very difficult to describe a speaker system, outside of the addition to the experience that the speakers give you. Other than my personal favorite computer speaker system, the Altec Lansing ACS500 speaker system, I recommend the ACS55 speakers for those who want the very best speakers to augment their computer experience. Bravo Altec Lansing.