By Al Giovetti
Genre:side scrolling action shooter
Developer: Inner Circle Creations
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Softdisk
Phone: 1-800-831-2694
Website: www.softdisk.com
Requirements:486 DX2 66mhz or better (recomend Pentium 75 or above), 6.5 Megs of free memory, 15 Megs free hard drive space, VGA graphics card, MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, OPTIONAL Joystick or game pad and Soundcard (including SoundBlaster and compatibles)

Alien Rampage


In days of old there were two dimensional side scrolling arcade games. Softdisk is still producing this type of game. Alien Rampage is just such a product.

Many game players like the old games and do not subscribe to the viewpoint that new is better. Many hunger for the old games. Well if that is you, here it is.

Company Line

The plot of Alien Rampage is effectively simple: Your ship is in ruins. Your cargo is lost. And you are one ticked-off alien trapped on a planet overrun by blood-thirsty mutants. With the help of a handful of enslaved natives and enough firepower to level a city, nothing can stop you from eradicating the low-life Untharians who trashed your ship. Blast everything in sight, and you may survive. Because in this world, YOU are the endangered species.

But the thing that has put Alien Rampage in the top 20 on two Internet game surveys is its smooth side-scrolling, run-and-blast game play.

Sensitive keyboard controls give players the kind of walking, running, jumping, ducking, climbing, and firing abilities usually found only in real arcade games. And five layers of seamless parallax scrolling and professionally drawn graphics give Alien Rampage an arcade game look and feel to match the impressive action. Additional game features include: seven ultra-lethal weapons, over 30 different enemies, cool sound effects, a fully-rendered intro movie, and a violence on/off switch for youngsters or squeamish adults.

Plus, every level of Alien Rampage contains tough, new enemies to face and requires the player to solve a kind of puzzle in order to advance to the next level. The end result is a great game that players of all ages and skill levels will find to be both fun and challenging.

Game Play

You run and shoot at over 30 monsters in a continuous stream on over 20 levels. Climb vines, manipulate switches and hang from ledges. There is also the obligatory side scrolling platform game leap of faith. Your character will rise from the ashes at the last game save should he be killed. At the end of each level is a fully rendered boss monster.


The alien green guy with the horn is fighting a battle for revenge because he is mad and trapped on a planet of blood thirsty mutants. This plot is not going to win any awards, but then this is an action game.


The graphics are simple but functional two dimensional, with extra large sized character graphics making this a run and blast fest.


Laser blasts and other animation including walking, jumping and climbing.

Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects

Typical booms and pops.


There are save games.

Multi-player Features

this is not a multiplayer game.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough

Alien Rampage Hints 03/09/97
Alien Rampage Cheats


Jason and his co-writers in the April issue did not hand out scores easily. Does this mean Computer Games is peopled with skilled reviewers or just trying to look that way? Obviously Computer Games has competent reviewers, but when it seems like they are deliberately panning games for little reason, it may be some overriding lack of self confidence that motivates them rather than poor games.


Jason D'Aprile, Computer Games, issue 77, April, 1997, pg. 76, 60%.
http://www.alienrampage.com/Alien Rampage home page

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