Age of Empires: Age of Kings by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
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Age of Empires: Age of Kings


The original age of empires appeared on the scene in 1997 and was voted by many to be game of the year.

Company Line

Game Play

New military strategies and civil management. Players can use garrisoning and military formations that add interesting tactical choices. Units are also smarter, with new artificial intelligence (AI) options like Guard, Patrol and Follow as well as multiple aggression levels. Players can improve the economy of their civilization through trade and diplomacy options. In addition to gathering resources, they can trade at their own market or use trading routes with their allies. A market-based economy gives new options for players to buy, sell, and speculate on resources.

The William Wallace learning campaign makes it incredibly easy for new users to get started. The new two-layer interface lets players select the level of command buttons displayed based on their needs. Additionally, the game also includes production queues, rally points, customizable hot-key system, as well as expanded rollover help.

In contrast to the linear game play found in other real-time games, Age of Empires II lets gamers choose one of several ways to achieve world domination and ultimate victory: Domination of enemy civilizations, Economic victory through accumulation of wealth, and Building and defending wonders of the world

Age of Empires II lets gamers choose from numerous technological paths to help lead their civilization to greatness. From an economic path of farming and craftsmanship to a military route of siege and naval warfare, the game comes with a technology tree that has more than 100 nodes, larger than one player could possibly complete in just one game.

Play one of thirteen civilizations each with its own look, advantages and disadvantages. You can play the Britons, Byzantines, Celts, Chinese, Franks, Goths, Japanese, Mongols, Persians, Saracens, Teutons, Turks, or Vikings


The game has five story-based single-player campaigns. Campaigns that revolve around William Wallace, Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan, Barbarossa, and Saladin. The William Wallace campaign also serves to train you in the game mechanics. The story is simple, William Wallace must defend his country against the invasion of Britton. In Joan of Arc you play the peasant girl who rises from obsurity to defend France when hope has escaped the troops. This peasant rises to put a king on the throne, repel the british invaders, and become a martyred saint. Frederick Barbarosa has to unify his german fiefdoms, fight off the incursions by Italian city states and the pope and eventually wage the third crusade. Ghengis Khan unites the warring tribes of Mongolia into one of the greatest fighting forces in all history subjugating from China to Eastern Europe in his mighty grasp. Saladin is the king of the Saracens who must defend the holy land from invaders from Europe and wage a Jihad against their incursions.


The game now sports a 3D engine and each of the 13 civilizations have their own look now. The game looks really good.


Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


Multi-player Features

  • Story based campaigns focus on historical figures and their struggles like William Wallace, Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan, Barbarossa and Saladin bring the player much deeper into the game as they strive with the hero to victory.
  • A new expert system driven computer player with artificial intelligence providing a solitaire opponent who seems human.
  • Maps are larger which adds to the sense of exploration and allows more options for extended play particularly in multiplayer.
  • The very popular Random map generator brings unlimited replay value for both multiplayer and single player.
  • In addition to the traditional Deathmatch option, there is a new gameplay mode: Regicide, where players have to protect their Queen or King while they try to assassinate the enemy one.
  • A Map editor extends also the game play by allowing users to create and exchange scenarios or link them into campaigns.
  • Internet play for up to eight players via the MSN Gaming Zone, over a LAN or modem to modem.

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