By Al Giovetti, 03/16/97
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Head Games Publishing
Phone: 612-321-9470
Website: www.bpsi.net/headgames
Requirements:Windows 95 and Mac, 2X CD ROM,



iD Software released Doom a new concept in multiplayer gaming, or was it. Many people had done the three dimensional game system before for role playing and adventure games but no one had made it an action based slug fest with real time characters as intelligent, unpredictable, and vicious as real people, what a concept. Doom took the gaming world by surprise and by storm, blindsiding those in the established game companies. ID software and Doom became household words overnight.

Quake came along to increase the realism of the mahem created with another online game. ID breaks up the original design team and some of the original designers say the cash cow has now become boring and migrate to other companies and products. Millions continue to pay online fees to play Quake and crash company networks with the game. Many new companies jump on the band wagon and produce their own Doom and Quake clones including Head Games who produce Aftershock, a surprisingly useful and fun add-on to the Quake pantheon.

Company Line

Encounter our advanced new levels for the original Quake program. This will include new sounds, maps and missions. The levels have been designed by actual hard-core game players. Go to the ultimate extreme and enjoy the all new one on one play! Blast your friends over the internet with a variety of deathmatch levels! A 3D editor has been included to make your own levels of death! Also included is a menu program for easy program launch and locating of games on the internet!

Game Play

The game play is pretty much the same as in all Quake games. The new scenarios feature new plotlines, maps,missions, sounds and other Quake stuff. The New features are quite good and are at least as entertaining as the original game.




Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects

The new sound effects for the new levels and missions are quite good.


AFTERSHOCK TOOLBOX & OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE FOR QUAKE is AVAILABLE NOW! Learn the inside scoop for the Quake game! This unique product offers the Aftershock Toolbox to aid in mastering Quake! Plus two 3D editors included with a step by step tutorial for creating your very own levels! As a special bonus, included is the official Quake strategy guide! Together these two tools can have great impact on a one players ability to conquer the vast levels and enhance general game play! This book is also available now from Head Games.

A CAD like Quake editor called Thred allows you to create your own levels.

Multi-player Features

This is the Quake multilevel game which is not a stand alone but must be used with the original game as additional missions and levels. All the original features apply. Another utility obtains ping times from Quake servers to check on the respons time.

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough

The documentation contains tips and hints for the game.



Peter Olafson, PC Games, volume 4, number 3, March, 1997, pg. 96, 92%.

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