wowlogo.jpg - 18.3 K
by Al Giovetti
Genre: turn-based strategy
Release: Fall 1996
Developer: Unicorn Development (Netherlands)
Publisher: Epic Megagames
Requirements: Windows 95,

Plot: "Welcome to the early days of Earth, a time of magic and wonder where lands are inhabited by Elves, Dwarves and Orcs. A time when all the lands were ruled by the Elven Court and their Overlord, Inioch. Then came the mortal humans, banished from their Garden, they set sail for new grounds, and conflict with the ancient ones was inevitable.

And so it came that the humans attacked the Elven Court. The ancient ones, surprised and outnumbered, lost. After the death of of their leader, Inioch, the Elves split into various groups. Some Elves forgave the humans, while the more fanatic Elves saw only one way; the extermination of the human race. These Elves became known as the dreaded Dark Elves. Hidden in their underground dwellings, the Dark Elves planned to resurrect the Overlord and rid the world of humankind, forever!" So sayeth the chronicles of Unicorns.

Scenerios: Worlds of Wonder (WOW) is based on many missions or scenarios that are a scripted evolving story. Not simply a kill everything game, WOW requires players to go on special quests or achieve goals explorea.jpg - 9.7 K

Game play: Heroes are the leaders of your army, who come from varied backgrounds with different special abilities and magic.

Races and Classes: There are 11 standard races who inhabit cities and ports. There are many classes or character professions, including fighters, archers, riders (a bit unusual - Ed.) and clerics.

Magic System: Magical items and special spell system

Interface: The standard interface shows the top-down, slightly tilted map view on the left two thirds of the screen. The map is divided into hexagonal movement squares.

Combat: During the combat the screen changes a bit. There is siege combat where a window pops up on the screen describing the forces that contend for supremacy. On the bottom of the screen is a panel which shows a command bar at the top, the bottom left of the bar shows the selected hero, their forces, and special powers. Special events also appear in these special pop-up windows.

Exploration of and combat in dungeons is displayed in isometric, overhead oblique view, with diamond shaped movement squares, individual characters and structures are shown on the map and combat can be resolved in turn-based combat or auto-combat can be activated at any time to finish off lesser foes. The explored portion of the dungeon will be displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Artificial intelligence:

Graphics: Terrain types include grassland plains, isolated deserts, and icy wastelands portraying magical places, dark underground caverns, and strongholds. wgate.jpg - 3.1 K


Musical score: Orchestral music

Sound effects: Digitized sound effects

Voice actors:



Clue book: