War Gods by Al Giovetti


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By Al Giovetti
Price: $40
Genre: arena fighting game
Developer: Midway
Lead Artist:
Publisher: GT Interactive-
Phone: 800-610-4847
Website: www.wargods.com
Requirements:Pentium 60MHz, Windows 95, DirectSound compatible card, DirectX-compatible local SVGA video card, Direct 3D supported, 2X CD-ROM drive, 12 megabytes RAM.

War Gods


Company Line

Game Play

The ten combattants are 8 people, one statue, and a cyborg.

There are seven arenas and ten characters, that act and move the same way without any uniqueness to them.

The 3D key is a unique feature that allows you to move your characters in three dimensions on the game board arenas.

Fight controls have duck, high and low punches and kicks, blocks, backward and forward moves and jumps.


An alien used our planet as a repository for radioactive ore. Contact with the ore caused super powers, agression, ore addiction, and aversion to wearing clothes that covered anything but errogenous zones. The characters are so agressive that they fight each other across seven arenas in a battle for the addictive ore.

The tournament is culminated in a battle with two aliens, Grox and Exor, to save the home world.


Three dimensinal polygon models.


Animation is nice but appears to be similar for all ten characters.

Voice Actors

Music Score

Sound Effects


Compare to

Mortal Kombat clone

Multi-player Features

Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough

1971 and 1515 are the cheat codes for player one and two.


Jim feels that you should pass this one by.

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Jim Burdick, Compter & Net Player, volume 4, number 4, October, 1997, pg. 78, 50%.

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