The Ultimate James Bond An Interactive Dossier

Preview by Al Giovetti
Price: $40
Genre: pop culture specialty title
Release: October, 1996
Developer: Mico Interactive
Producer: Mike Gutterntag
Publisher: MGM Interactive
Phone: 800-646-4800
Requirements: Windows 95 and 3.1

History: Bond historians John Cork and Lee Pfeiffer will provide research assistance on this The Ultimate James Bond (UJB) title.

Plot: Title enables user to call up clips, music, and visual information on Bond including complete shooting scripts.

Interface: "UJB sports a sleek, high-tech look with easy-to-use interface as ingenious as one of Bondís gadgets," according to company spokesman Eric Lindbom. Users can explore eight different categories on Bondís film history, missions, lovers, and foes. Each section features an introductory reel of clips.

The mission of the title is to provide an entertaining, visually elegant look at the James Bond phenomena.

Graphics: UJB features elegantly looking graphics to give is a first-class look and feel.

Voice actors and video actors: There is no overall narration, just the original actors from the original bond movies.

Musical score: Features all the original Bond music from the films.

Sound effects: A library of Bond sound effects is included with the film clips.

Future plans: MGM interactive will continue to leverage MGM and United Artistsí film properties with multimedia applications when appropriate.

People resources for this preview: Ron Frankel, executive vice president, MGM Interactive and Steve Baum, Micro Interactive.