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Twisted Metal III (3)


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Twisted Metal® III
More madness, more mayhem, more twisted characters and more intense combat destruction! The original twisted combat experience is back and badder than ever!

Been frustrated behind the wheel lately? Perhaps someone cut you off on the highway last week? Instead of rage management classes, may we suggest a sleek speed missile or a homing mortar with a 100-foot blast radius to reduce your vehicular problems to smoking heaps of shrapnel?

Welcome once again to our twisted world where the drivers are insane, the explosions apocalyptic and the weapons hard core. As the ultimate automobile combat simulation for the PlayStation, Twisted Metal III features eight all new explosive battlegrounds including Los Angeles, Hanger 18, Washington, D.C. and Egypt. You can also drive one of twelve revved-up, fully armed vehicles, including old favorites like Thumper, Roadkill and that poor sap Axel, as well as deadly new hooligans like Firestarter, Club Kid and Flower Power. And if you’re lucky, maybe Sweet Tooth will toss you an ice cream sandwich before he blows your wheels to smithereens.

If you’re not enjoying the sensation of explosive destruction and neck-snapping collisions in the comfort of your own home, you’re not playing Twisted Metal III.

All these mind-blowing features, so little time:

  • State-of-the-art, bad-ass 3D engine creates huge, detailed game environments.
  • 12 updated (plus 2 hidden) vehicles, including Thumper, Road Kill, Hammerhead, Mr. Grimm, Warthog, Spectre, Outlaw, Firestarter, Axel, and of course, Sweet Tooth.
  • Hard-core bosses: Minion, Darkside and Primeval.
  • Arsenal of new weapons, including speed and rain missiles and a mortar. Power up and kick butt!
  • New TruPhysics™ technology provides realistic car physics and control for a killer combat experience. Feel your vehicle get waxed! Feel the sensation of launching a 220mph missile! Yippee Chi Yeah…
  • Eight new (and two hidden) explosive battlegrounds, each with its own gameplay style and strategy. Guaranteed to humiliate whimps!
  • Two and four-player modes with special multi-player arenas so you can destroy your friends in "friendly" competition.
  • Supports link cable play and features split screen head-to-head mayhem.
  • Experience Vibration Mode with the Dual Shock™ Analog Controller for a heightened sense of mass destruction!

Take a ride on the wild side in November 1998 when Twisted Metal III crashes onto the PlayStation game console.

Available: Nov 10, 1998
Players:1 thru 4
Peripherals: DualShock™ Analog Controler, Memory Card, Link Cable, NeGcon Controller

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Subject: twisted metal 3 screenshots From: Kimber
are you going to get any twisted metal 3 screen shots???all the sites i've been in sucked because they didn't have TM3 screenshots!!!

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