Tiberium Sun article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Genre:real time strategy
Lead Artist:
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Tiberium Sun


Westwood's command and conquer and Dune 2 created a new genre of game. If you have not been around, check out the real-time strategy games since Dune 2 was introduced.

Company Line

Game Play

Game play will incorporate some StarCraft like elements. Units lost will now be announced when you loose one. The cmae play interface is like command and conquer. There is no fog of war. Production time will not be increased by multiple factories. Units will gain experience which will give them more hit points, greater effectiveness (called intelligence) and new skills. You will be able to smash bridges and cliffs. Terrain will be able to be destroyed.


The story takes place 20 years after Tiberian Dawn. The NOD is disjointed, poorly led and now an underground unit with many factions claiming to be the real NOD. NOD now uses guerilla warfare tactics. Kane supposedly died in Tiberian Dawn and comes back in Tiberiun Sun toward the end as a cyborg or human. The GDI is facing the takeover of the world by Tiberium. This takeover is forcing an evaculation by the GDI of people, scientists and general staff to Antarctica. The new Antarctic command station Philadelphia is manned and operated. A new element, the Forgotten, is added to give the game a three part conflict like many other real-time strategy games. The Forgotten are mutated freaks. The forgotton will work for whoever pays them with weapons, medical supplies and other needed supplies. There are three freak units: sniper, ghostwalker, and stealer.


Three dimensional graphics and special lighting effects make the game special when compared to older ones. The reports that this game would be first person perspective 3D like Quake is wrong. The game is overhead perspective and looks just like the other games.


Video outtake sequences are filmed with full human speech, music and sound effects -- just like a movie.

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Sound Effects


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