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Designers of Teen Digital Diva, Girl Games, Inc. is an entertainment company based in Austin, Texas, with extensive expertise in the design and development of interactive products for preteen and teen girls. The firm regularly conducts extensive research in the teen female market, including studies funded by the National Science Foundation. Girl Games has designed the acclaimed "Let's Talk About ME! Some More" (two-CD-ROM set) and "Clueless," a CD-ROM based on the popular TV series. Girl Games is also the creator of the award-winning online community for girls, http://www.planetgirl.com.

The Petersen Youth Group provides clients and advertisers with target-effective and cost-efficient marketing programs, events and promotional opportunities that deliver the most expansive reach of the teenage female market available today, reaching over 10,000,000 Generation Y girls monthly through its monthly magazines Teen and All About You!, and its special interest publications including Teen Special: Prom. The Petersen Youth Group is part of The Petersen Companies, Inc., a leading multimedia marketing solutions and brand development company, with a diverse portfolio of more than 116 special-interest magazines, television programs, licensing trade shows, consumer events, databases, custom publishing and retail promotions. The Petersen Companies, Inc. is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PTN. Teen magazine can also be found at http://www.teenmag.com.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Activision, Inc. is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for personal computers and advanced console game systems such as the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64. Founded in 1979, Activision posted revenues of $260 million for the fiscal year ended March 31, 1998.

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Designed by Girl Games, CD Allows Girls to Create Their Own Magazine and Experiment with Hot Trends in Beauty, Fashion

Driving the creation of a new entertainment software market targeted toward teenage girls, Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) announced today that it will publish Teen Digital Diva, a new CD-ROM game based on the top-selling publication, Teen magazine, published by The Petersen Companies, Inc. Developed by Girl Games, Inc., a leading developer of CD-ROM games for girls, Teen Digital Diva is one of the first entertainment software products aimed at reaching girls ages 12 - 17. The title will be available for the PC this fall.

“Teen magazine has an established reputation and a loyal following among teenage girls, and we are excited to be partnering with Teen and Girl Games to create a fun product that will appeal to this audience,” said Eric Johnson, senior vice president of North American marketing, Activision, Inc. “Girl Games has conducted extensive research to ensure that the game will reach the hearts of Teen magazine readers and all young women with its hip, fun content.”

Teen Digital Diva lets girls create their very own Teen magazine and gives them access to the latest make-up styles and fashion ideas to design their own magazine issues. Comprised of a variety of customizable sections, Teen Digital Diva allows players to create virtual makeovers, try out the hottest fashions, write their own articles, generate personalized horoscopes, customize and take personality quizzes, as well as dazzle their friends with print outs and e-mails of their creations. The CD game comes to life with cool animations, hip music, over-the-top characters and vibrant colors.

"There's a tremendous amount of excitement in the marketplace surrounding the Teen brand," states Justin McCormack, president of Petersen Enterprises. "Teen Digital Diva is the latest in a series of products designed specifically for this growing audience."

"We're excited to work with Activision and Teen to develop a product for girls that, from our ongoing research with teens, really is long overdue," said Laura Groppe, president and CEO of Girl Games, Inc. "With content that's based on an already-popular brand like Teen, plus features to make it more personalized, Teen Digital Diva finally lets girls become a part of the process and see their own magazine come to life."

Teen Digital Diva’s customizable magazine features different sections that can be personalized to girls’ tastes and interests. Players can incorporate their friends into the stories and columns. Some of the game’s sections include:

  • Make Me Over! -- Girls can tap into their beauty know-how to give hair and make-up advice to virtual girlfriends in various challenging situations
  • Face Art -- Girls can experiment with trendy face art and hip new looks from Bindhis to henna tattoos
  • Seventh Avenue – Girls get a sneak peek into all the hottest showrooms on Seventh Avenue with a mix-n-match closet featuring the trendiest fashion lines to create the ultimate wardrobe makeover
  • Horoscope! -- Personalized horoscopes offer up-to-the-minute advice for all situations
  • Quiz Maker – Girls can take and customize personality quizzes that give insight into dealing with circumstances that range from dating and relationships to parents

Screen shots available upon request or on the Activision ftp site. Host/Address: ftp.studio.activision.com

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