By Al Giovetti02/25/97
Genre:chase view action
Release:early 1998
Lead Artist: Rick Dimond
Publisher: MicroProse
Phone: 510-522-1164

StarShip Troopers


Starship Troopers is based upon the 1959 science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein about a young man who goes to war against aliens after his home town on Earth is wiped out. The movie by TriStar Pictures and noted science fiction film director Paul Verhoeven (Total Recal, Robo Cop, Basic Instinct) is due to release in July of 1997. Predictably, all of the moral examination of war of the original Heinlein classic will be prempted by the action of the war with the bugs.

Thankfully, Microprose intends to follow the book's plot more than the mindless movie plot. Additionally, a computer game gives venue to passages that are impossable in films due to budget restrictions.

Company Line

Game Play

The game play is expected to mimic Tomb Raider, which is a chase-view real-time action game that involves quick on-your-toes thinking. Unlike the original Alien movie, that was the original bug hunt movie, there are many types of alien bugs from warrior to administrator. There will also be multiple alien races that may influence the game play.

According to sources, there will be at least four games based upon the Starship Troopers license. The first game will be based upon the young recruit just starting out in the space bug battle. The young trooper will have the chance to complete missions one at a time while resisting the urge to try and kill all the aliens.

Success in individual missions will allow the recruit trooper to advance in rank and command. Increased command leads to larger units in battle and more difficult mission goals


The battlesuits and weapons for the game will resemble those from James Cameron's film Aliens. The resolution will be at least 640 x 480 pixels and 16-bit color in Windows 95 native mode.


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