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Preview by Al Giovetti
Genre: role playing adventure
Release: October 96
Novel: Prima Publishing
Strategy Guide: Prima Publishing
Designers: Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III
Publisher: Accolade
Phone: 800-245-7744

Plot: "The fate of a thousand worlds is in your hands again." So what else is new. I have saved the galaxy so many times they have come to expect it. Computer games scream at me, "please save the galaxy before you go to dinner." eyea.gif - 7.7 K

"The fabric of the universe is crumbling and itís up to you to find the answer somewhere in the unexplored reaches of space. Your quest will bring you face-to-face with the universeís oldest and deadliest mystery." After facing death millions of times and dying nearly as many, coming face to face with an old mystery is a cakewalk.

"This epic adventure will lead you to the heart of the mysterious Kessari Quadrant," discover new life forms representing 24 races, establish and manage the resources of over 30 colonies, explore over 1000 new worlds, search for and discover over 40 ancient artifacts bristling with arcane ancient advanced technology.

You fly: 24 different alien starships with 48 unique weapons, each one with unique features and special weaponry.

Aggressors: Include the "cruel and ruthless Hegemonic Crux

Game play: Expanded resource management options more tightly control starships, fuel, and colony pods of your space colonies.

Communication: Conversations about trade, alliances, and other matters with 24 three dimensional creatures created by top Hollywood special effects wizards and creature shops. Some races return from the previous game combined with all new races. Understanding alien humor is a factor in these confrontations. fleet2.gif - 8.3 K

Puzzles: Many puzzles must be solved with logic and an alien sense of humor.

Multiplayer: The obligatory muliplayer mode will allow you to play against a friend or a computer opponent (Computer opponents are for real wusseys. - Ed.) in lightning-fast Hyper Melee three dimensional combat. Play over network, null or phone modem.

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