Space Trading

by Al Giovetti
Price: $60
Genre: strategy
Release: September 1996
Publisher: Megamedia
Phone: (408) 428-9920

History: This company has been producing the Megapak, Mega TriPak game bundles for several years. Now they are breaking into producing their own games instead of marketing other company’s older and lesser titles. And they have three games on their plate right now.

Plot: Command a spaceship equipped with light weaponry and little money. You can make money by trading goods, attacking enemy vessels, or conquer planets. The conquer planets puts a different slant on this than the normal space trader game, such as Faster Than Light’s Sundog.

Gameplay: You cannot specialize in one of the activities of the game but you must use them all. There are eight independent races in the galaxy that you should seek out and solicit their help with your enemies. The other parts of the galaxy are lethal without allies. There are eight solar systems with up to 11 planets each, eight alien races with artificial intelligence and multi-language support

Interface: Select a planet, ship or star and the map zooms in. The map scrolls and keeps track of your location.




Voice actors:


Sound effects:

Multiplayer: Using (null or phone or both?) modem, internet, and network play, up to eight players can compete or cooperate to control the galaxy.

Scott Udell, Computer Games Strategy Plus, issue 70, September, 1996, pg. 52-54.