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Preview by Alfred Giovetti
Genre: multi-player adventure/strategy
Release: Summer 1997
Developer: Wild Storm Productions
Designers: Robert Barnett and Jim Lee
Publisher: GTE Interactive
Requirements: sgifi1.jpg - 12.5 K

Fifty comic super heroes battle at once or in teams of five super heroes each.

Combat: Fits the first person combat style of the 3D engine which supports multiple weapons and hand-to-hand combat .

Graphics: The animated scene, complete with moving billboards reminiscent of the movie Blade Runner, will link to the original poster art created for both the book and the game as well as to vital background information on the game's tactical team. Characters designed by 'character design experts' not rogrammers who consider themselves artists. Based upon comics written and drawn by Marvel comic artist Jim Lee.

Modes: Single player and Multiplayer

Single player mode: In single player mode the game will be packed with action in both interior and xterior 3D environments. The gamer will be able communicate with the computer- generated members of his/her tactical team in order to complete the assigned missions. sgifi4.jpg - 6.9 K

Multiplayer: Over the Internet, the game will take on a whole new life. Actual players will come together online to form unique combat teams and engage in battle with other teams or compete with them in a strategic race to complete each mission. Several teams of six will be able to play at a time and, with a constant rotation of new players and monthly updates to download, the action will always be fresh and exciting.

Website: The website remains cryptic on the game with very brief information on the game. There were some interesting links from this location however,

Review references:
PC Gamer, volume 3, number 7, July 1996